Top 5 Ways You Can Identify A Qualified BMW Mechanic

In a world of cars, the name of BMW has value. Not everyone can afford the luxurious BMW along with its smooth ride.

The problem lies in finding able mechanics for the job. You know, the problem: ‘fix my BMW’. There are very few people in the world who will charge decent amount of money for quality BMW service.

Check out the article to find quality authorized BMW repair shops.

  1. BMW Training

To identify a good BMW mechanic, he must be certified. BMW has a program known as BMW STEP (Service Technician Education Program). In that program, a person has to work a minimum of five years on BMW vehicles, inside a BMW approved environment.

Although this is not master level certification, yet these people take pride in themselves as being the certified ones who can work very efficiently on your BMW vehicle.

Visit these authorized BMW repair shops to fix your vehicle.

  1. BMW Tools Vs Ordinary Tools

Talking about past, it is highly likely that you went to a general mechanic and he messed up your car. This is because BMW requires more than a typical OBDII scanner.

If the hardware and software is not specific, it won’t perfectly apply to your car. Common examples include ‘ISIS’, ‘GT1’ and ‘SSS’.

Also, general auto shops do not have genuine BMW parts. While you may get sub-standard parts cheap, there is no guarantee of their quality. Who knows, they may become faulty after a month and cost you more bucks than you originally wanted to save on a cheaper model.

  1. Reviews Are Important

Depending upon your good luck, there might be one or two skilled BMW experts living inside your area. But you don’t know them and even if some garage is stating “Quality BMW service”, would you just take a leap of faith and check it out?

A good tip is to visit BimmerShops. The website hosts independent reviews which help people who want to visit BMW repair shops. It’s a good answer to ‘fix my BMW’.

Similarly, another quality website is BMWdrivers.

If both of them fail, there’s always option number 3. Inquire with your local BMW CCA chapter.

  1. Professional Associations

People dealing with BMW repair shops will exhibit membership affiliations with professional organizations. Some of these groups are mentioned below:

  • ASE – Automotive Service Excellence
  • ASA – Automotive Service Association

Some of the organizations such as BIMRS accept only the most specialized BMW experts.

  1. Last Option

If service is urgent and you really want to check out the new shop, have a talk with their staff. A quality BMW service shop will have a friendly and knowledgeable staff which will help and guide you through the process. If they are shallow, you will feel a change in their vocal and body language.

To know about their work, simply bring your car for a minor scheduled service. If they steadily fix it up, it is all good. You can give them the harder task then.

Until then, first priority should always be to scout out authorized BMW repair shops.

A service and B service explained

For people who already own Mercedes Benz or who are in the queue to become a proud owner, it is essential that they know the service schemes provided by  the company so that they  will be able and interested to get the  services done  on time from mercedes benz service centers. This timely service will help them to keep the vehicle as brand new without any reduction in the shining and attractiveness of the vehicle for many years. For many Benz owners the timely servicing of their car has often become a dilemma as they sometimes spend money for unnecessary repairs, at independent mercedes benz service centers and at times they fail to get serviced  on time resulting in costly damages.

Considering this pitiable condition of the car owners, the Benz Company has devised a service strategy considering all the aspects of the matter. This is a flexible program that has divided the service of a Benz car into two categories named A and B. When your car is due for one of these services, you will get an automatic alert in this regard. Once you take the car into the service station, the maintenance personal will be waiting there for your car as he also has got alerted by the program about the details of the car and its due date for the concerned service. This will help you to keep you vehicle in good condition by carrying out periodic maintenance work without any possibility of overlooking the matter.

Class A Mercedes service

A service intended for brand new vehicles and this is scheduled to be done when the vehicle has completed 1000 miles on road performance or when the vehicle has completed one year after putting it on road whichever happens earlier. This criterion is related to 2009 model or later model vehicles. There can be changes for the earlier model vehicles. To understand these matters you may please contact customer care executives.

  • Services provided
  • Replacement of oil filter
  • Oil replacement for synthetic motor
  • Checking for fluid levels and corrections, if needed, will be made based on the factory approved service interval related to the model and make of your vehicle.
  • Checking of tire pressure
  • Inspection of break component
  • Resetting the counter for the next visit

Class B Mercedes service

The necessity for B service varies with the specs of the vehicle. Most Mercedes Benz cars manufactured on or after the year 2009 are expected to undergo B service on completion of 20,000 running kilometers or completion of two years after putting the vehicle on road.  This may vary for earlier model vehicles. Customer care executives of the mercedes service centers will be able to give you correct details  of such vehicles if you contact them.

Services done

  • Replacement of oil filter, motor oil, dust filter used in the cabin
  • Inspecting breaks and changing break oil if necessary
  • Inspecting tire condition and tire pressure
  • Inspecting fluid level and changing them if necessary according to the instructions of the manufacturer
  • Resetting of the counter for the next B service

How long will the window tinting last?

When you plan for window tinting for your house, office or car it is natural that you want to know how long they will last. You would also like to know from where window tinting commercial works can be done at reasonable rates. Depending upon material used for window tinting and other factors like the climate of the area and where tinting was applied,  the window tinting  can have different life span ranging from a few years to long periods like 10 to 20 years.

Automobile tinting

Many branded companies are engaged in manufacturing films for automobile window glass tinting.  These window tints have the power to block about 97% of the sun’s infrared rays. It also restricts 98 % of UV rays from sun. These tints help the interior of the car to remain cooler and it provides much safety to the passengers inside the car by making them invisible to outsiders. For getting better results quality tints have to be applied using plotters. Such quality films are supposed to have long life span and so the companies manufacturing such films are offering lifelong warranty which means the warranty is valid till the car is in use.

Residential tinting

Tinting the residential window helps the owner to save considerable amount towards energy cost needed for air conditioners as the room remains comparatively cooler. If you contact an experienced and well known company engaged in residential tinting they will be able to carry out your residential tinting work at a cost effective manner. If you go for newer companies, they may charge you lesser amount and use low quality material which will last for one or two years only.  Good quality window tinting used in residential buildings have been found to last for many years.

Commercial tinting

Window tinting in commercial buildings helps in reducing energy bills towards air conditioning. It also protects employees from the harmful effect of infra red rays and UV rays. It also has security benefits as outsiders cannot see what is happening inside the building through windows. Doing the window tinting work using inferior products will only produce unsatisfactory looks and they will not last long also.
Commercial window tinting springfield companies will be using quality material and the work will be carried out with the help of modern plotters so that it will enhance the charm of the building. It will also be  long lasting  and one need not worry about any damages once they are affixed as they are capable of withstanding minor abrasions, chippings etc.