Slate Roof Maintenance And Repair Tips

Slate roofing has become very popular these days. The history of slate roof repair is a century old and if we look back into the past and stone age, people used to build roofs with stones. However, the modern technology has given slate roofing a new shape and it went to become popular equally in all parts of the world.

All you need to know about roof repair

There are a lot of pros and cons of slate roofing. The slate roof repair process is somehow complex and difficult as well. According to slate roofers, the house owners should take great care while getting it installed. They remarked even a slight mistake may damage the whole setup and cost you a lot of money on slate roof repair.

Roof repair tips

Here we will put up all the best tips for slate roof repair should be followed during installation and maintenance. The slate roofers are really good in installations but they also recommend some measures that should be considered while repairing.

  1. Inspect It Regularly

Everyone should note that slate roofs are only best for bigger buildings. The stone and other material used in slate roofing adds a lot of weight to the roof and makes it tough for the structure to bear weight. That’s why it should be researched properly before deciding whether you should get it done or not. And once it’s done, you should inspect slate roof regularly. This will help you find any damages and fix them immediately before it gets too late. More damage will cost you more money that’s why regular inspection is necessary.

  1. Avoid Walking

The roof has already a lot of weight with slate roofing. The slate roofers have suggested that no movements or walking should be permitted on such structures that carry slate roofs. All this is recommended to avoid any damage to the setup. The people who have got these installations know how much it cost. And no one can really afford it twice a year. The slate roofs last for decades and even a century if done properly but they are really expensive.

  1. Hire A Professional Slate Roofer

From beginning to the end, slate roof installation has a complete process and it takes time and great care. There are a good number of slate roofers who provide perfect services with guarantee and they are the best option for maintenance and any kind of slate roof repairing. If anyone does on their own behalf, they may be responsible for any damages. So going for a professional service is a better option to avoid any further issues to the installation setup.

  1. Look for Leaks

As we have recommended that walking and movement should be restricted, the experts also recommend that owners should themselves check the whole roof. In case they find any kind of damage or leaks, they should call the slate roofer who did the whole work. Do a complete inspection and check for any possible leakage. Once the inspection is over, the roofer should be allowed to repair and keep up the roof in good health.

  1. Hit All the Important Checkpoints

The inspection done by the owners is best and the roofers may show some kind of negligence to save their time. When you find any damage or see any issue with your slate roofing, you must do a complete and thorough check up of all important points, joins and tracks. This is important because any kind of damage in a track may affect the whole track or other joins as well so they should be monitored and inspected with great care.

  1. Repair It Regularly

We understand that maintenance and repairing of slate roofing is not an easy job. But when you have spent thousands of dollars on material and installation, you should be careful. There should be a regular repair work on your roof. The time is also important and you have to decide by yourself that what time period is good. It may be three, four or five years after which you should hire someone or a slate roof specialist who can look for damages and do the repairing job.

Final Words

Slate roofs are durable and last for decades. But this guarantee is only possible when proper slate roof repair riverside ct is maintained. The building owners can go for regular inspection and maintenance work when they deem it necessary.

What Is Prenuptial Agreement And What To Include In It?

A prenuptial agreement is an agreement two people make before marriage. This agreement has all the rules, according to which the couple wants to live their matrimonial life. Depending from scenario – scenario, the prenuptial agreement can have a lot of things. It is best to contact a

The following article will help you understand more about the drafting and reviewing of prenuptial agreements.

What To Include In Prenuptial Agreement ?

The answer to this question lies in…What do you want to get included in it? It is your marriage, so it’s only fair that you get to decide what should be inside it. However, be careful. The beauty of marriage is that it also helps people protect their best interests in terms of future security and mishaps of life. If you are unsure, you can always consult your friends and families and also, take help of an aggressive divorce attorney.

Pros of A Prenuptial Agreement

In the best interest of both parties, it is probably best to avail the option of drafting and reviewing prenuptial agreements. Some people are so head over heels in love, they decide to get married because they are experiencing a good time in life. But, time doesn’t remain constant. The nature of person and circumstances change in seconds and the same person you love, is now becoming a source of your unhappiness so you decide you part your ways.

Imagining the worst case scenario, think about all the things you want in your prenuptial. Discuss with your partner and your legal advisor. A well-formed prenuptial agreement can protect your rights, your health insurance and your child care plan. It also houses the clauses about the aftermath of any kind of future divorce.

The way the assets would be divided, the division of paying mortgage, ways to take care of your child…The list goes on and on.

Cons of A Prenuptial Agreement

The worst part about drafting and reviewing prenuptial agreements …you have to live by the rules. You may be required to surrender your property share, after your spouse dies or you may not get anything at all. This all depends on your contract.

Also, starting your relation on basis of a contract may give the feeling of distrust towards other party. Suppose you may have formed a prenuptial agreement and now when the worst has come and you decide to part ways, it might be difficult for you to follow the rules. What could start as an inconsequential sacrifice in the start of marriage, might become a source of burdensome pain, all because of clauses of a contract. Contact aggressive divorce attorneys of your community to get a better picture.

There are also cases that people are “very much in love” They simply don’t care about themselves and therefore, can be taken advantage by the other party.

Should You Get A Prenuptial Agreement?

We explained you all the pros and cons. Our two cents would be to consult your friends and family. Also, try having talks with professional legal advisors.

In all cases, it is best to get a prenuptial agreement, provided both partners are open in their communication. See the greater good, talk with your partner and make your marriage safe.

NOTE: You can also consult aggressive divorce attorneys Fairfax for prenuptial agreements.

How To Manage Your Restaurant Successfully?

Starting a restaurant is not as hard as managing one. There are a number of things you need to do in order to manage the restaurant and one of them is hiring professional commercial appliances repair company for your freezer and refrigerator issues. In order to manage a restaurant successfully, you need regular customers and profit that can keep your spirits high and motivate the staff as well.

Restaurant appliance maintenance tips

Here we will discuss some useful tips that will help any restaurant owner in managing his business successfully and taking it to the next level of success. Keep reading to find out more.

Why you need to hire refrigerators repair company

Always hire the best refrigerators repair company in order to avoid cost and problems.

  1. Understand Needs of the Locals

A restaurant only succeeds when the needs of the people are addressed. The new restaurant may start some new hot dishes that people love trying but don’t find any good restaurant to go. This will attract a large number of who have been looking for a quality restaurant with quality but affordable food. Furthermore, the owners can increase the number of dishes as they see rise in sales and more profits start pouring in.

  1. Quality but Affordable Food

In today’s world quality of the food at restaurants has declined and every person seems complaining about the food quality. The restaurants also charge a lot of money with poor food and no particular taste. Refrigerators repair company owners suggest that if you have to manage your restaurant successfully, you need to be innovative. Introduce the best quality food and raise its standards to home foods but also control the prices. Label yourself as the most affordable food provider in the city if you want people to visit your place.

  1. Listen to Employees

Most of the time servers and employees working at the restaurant can offer better ideas and suggestion when it comes to what customers like and what they prefer. Moreover, the cook and other staff can also be encouraged to share their ideas and how the restaurant and food quality can be improved. You may also start other services like providing rooms and other facilities to the customers who come from other cities.

  1. Address Customer Issues

Listening to the customers is the best way to find out what people out there like, think about your restaurant, your service and food quality. Many studies have figured out the only way to improve your services and that is to address the issues and concerns of your customers. Get feedback from every customer regarding restaurant environment, cleanliness, food quality, service, what needs to be done more and what they recommend for improvements. You will receive more relevant feedback and suggestions this way.

  1. Use Energy Efficient Appliances

People may not find it interesting but it is true that appliances, products, freezers and such other products have a role in making a restaurant successful. Always use best, quality and energy efficient appliances as suggested by commercial appliances repair companies. These products will save you some money, cause lesser bills and not produce excessive heat in the restaurant. Air conditioners, bulbs and lighting also fall in this category.

  1. Keep Environment Clean

Cleanliness is what every customer pays attention to when they enter a new restaurant. With a good, comfortable and clean area you can impress the customers and offer them a reason to visit your place next time as well. Use flowers, plants, trees and make your entrance as beautiful and natural as possible. Get ideas from your customers, employees and staff on how the look of the interior and exterior can be improved.

Moreover, cleanliness is important for food. If the restaurant is not clean, customers will never visit you again. This also shows how good and healthy the food and how much care the staff takes while making food for the customers. No one should raise a finger at cleanliness.

  1. Introduce Discounts and Special Offers

Refrigerators repair company Alexandria experts say that discounts and special offers are really good when it comes to marketing a business. You may start promotions or new offers with better services, lower charges on festive or special events. There can be incentives for the employees and staff too for their contributions and to motivate them. This will make your staff feel as they are working for themselves.

Top 5 Ways You Can Identify A Qualified BMW Mechanic

In a world of cars, the name of BMW has value. Not everyone can afford the luxurious BMW along with its smooth ride.

The problem lies in finding able mechanics for the job. You know, the problem: ‘fix my BMW’. There are very few people in the world who will charge decent amount of money for quality BMW service.

Check out the article to find quality authorized BMW repair shops.

  1. BMW Training

To identify a good BMW mechanic, he must be certified. BMW has a program known as BMW STEP (Service Technician Education Program). In that program, a person has to work a minimum of five years on BMW vehicles, inside a BMW approved environment.

Although this is not master level certification, yet these people take pride in themselves as being the certified ones who can work very efficiently on your BMW vehicle.

Visit these authorized BMW repair shops to fix your vehicle.

  1. BMW Tools Vs Ordinary Tools

Talking about past, it is highly likely that you went to a general mechanic and he messed up your car. This is because BMW requires more than a typical OBDII scanner.

If the hardware and software is not specific, it won’t perfectly apply to your car. Common examples include ‘ISIS’, ‘GT1’ and ‘SSS’.

Also, general auto shops do not have genuine BMW parts. While you may get sub-standard parts cheap, there is no guarantee of their quality. Who knows, they may become faulty after a month and cost you more bucks than you originally wanted to save on a cheaper model.

  1. Reviews Are Important

Depending upon your good luck, there might be one or two skilled BMW experts living inside your area. But you don’t know them and even if some garage is stating “Quality BMW service”, would you just take a leap of faith and check it out?

A good tip is to visit BimmerShops. The website hosts independent reviews which help people who want to visit BMW repair shops. It’s a good answer to ‘fix my BMW’.

Similarly, another quality website is BMWdrivers.

If both of them fail, there’s always option number 3. Inquire with your local BMW CCA chapter.

  1. Professional Associations

People dealing with BMW repair shops will exhibit membership affiliations with professional organizations. Some of these groups are mentioned below:

  • ASE – Automotive Service Excellence
  • ASA – Automotive Service Association

Some of the organizations such as BIMRS accept only the most specialized BMW experts.

  1. Last Option

If service is urgent and you really want to check out the new shop, have a talk with their staff. A quality BMW service shop will have a friendly and knowledgeable staff which will help and guide you through the process. If they are shallow, you will feel a change in their vocal and body language.

To know about their work, simply bring your car for a minor scheduled service. If they steadily fix it up, it is all good. You can give them the harder task then.

Until then, first priority should always be to scout out authorized BMW repair shops.

6 Tips To Lose Weight Naturally

Do you follow your doctors diet for weight loss? Many are the people who go to doctors for advanced medical weight loss but can’t keep up with the instructions, tips and rules suggested by the doctors diet. It’s a fact that it’s very hard to follow advanced medical weight loss tips because they are not practical and require you to have a certain schedule.

In order to avoid you from such rules and instructions of doctor’s diet, we are putting here some of the best and natural weight loss tips. It should be noted that tips included in the post are purely natural and don’t suggest for any medicine, or medication to lose weight like advanced medical weight loss procedures. We have tried our best to include only the practical, simple and easy to follow tips that make it easier for the obese people to lose some weight and make their lives more comfortable.

  1. Add Protein to Your Diet

It’s for the information of the public that calories are burned when you use more protein. Protein is that’s why believed to be the king of weight loss when it comes to any food nutrients. If you take more protein, it will boost the metabolism in your body that leads to burning of more calories per day. So if you add protein to your diet, it will keep you filled and help you burn more calories than other ordinary foods or doctors diet.

  1. Eat Whole, Single-Ingredient Foods

Many people eat foods without knowing their ingredients or what they actually contain. To follow this tip, you should be more food conscious and know about the food ingredients. Experts recommend that you should consume single or whole ingredient foods. There are many benefits associated with the single ingredient foods. For example, they stop you from eating extra sugars, additives, they are naturally filling and they provide human body with more essential nutrients. Weight loss is the side effect of eating whole, single-ingredient foods. Thus, you can eat in the healthiest way and lose weight simultaneously.

  1. Avoid Processed Foods

Millions of people around the world are always after processed foods and they love consuming such foods every single day. They don’t know that processed foods are not only harmful, they also cause weight gain and make you obese. These foods contain more sugar, added fats and calories. When you consume extra calories and fats, that leads to weight gain problem. Also, processed foods make you eat more and more and consume in large quantity.

  1. Keep Healthy Foods

There are multiple studies that show you will develop a certain eating habit and taste for foods that you keep at home. Many people store unhealthy foods and snack at home so they are always eating those. This habit needs to be changed with healthy foods. You may purchase the best, healthy and good foods for your home and store them. This way, you will eat only healthy foods, consume less calories and fats and not gain weight by eating these foods. Such foods include vegetables, fruits, nuts, and others.

  1. Restrict Sugar Intake

Sugar is considered the major cause of obesity and many other diseases in people. The artificial sugar has always been harmful for the consumers and leads to more health problems than we think. The best way to reduce your sugar intake is to focus on getting sugar from natural methods. Fruits and vegetables are a good option to eat natural sugar. Moreover, the organic foods also provide a lot of natural sugar. This way you can keep harmful sugar away from your body and consume healthier foods as well.

  1. Drink Water

Many people will tell you that water can’t help when it comes to losing weight. However, this is a truth that water is a great option when you want to lose weight. Drinking more water also helps you keep your skin clean and prevent wrinkles. Furthermore, you should also know the right way to drink water when you eat your food. Many doctors believe drinking water after meal is harmful and doesn’t help in food digestion. Rather, always drink water before and during the meal and avoid taking after you have finished your meal for advanced medical weight loss Ashburn.

House Buying Checklist

Buying a house is a lot of hassle. You want a house, laden with specific features but either, those features are scarce in the free market or the selling party is claiming that the amount you offered is too low. Getting a real estate agent (buyer’s agent) helps in acquiring a good home.

To buy a house, a checklist involving following features must be ensured.

  1. Focusing on Things You Want

Maybe you want a swimming pool in your house, followed by internal staircase leading up to attic. In market, you find a house with a swimming pool but the house is equipped with an exterior staircase.

You have the option to make a compromise or you can wait for a better option – Up to you. Confide in your real estate agent to make the best out of any deal.

  1. Working Utilities

Talking about static air-cons and thermal units, when checking out a new house, be sure to check these utilities.

Other utilities include proper lights, normal doorknobs and good working taps.

  1. Comparing The Price

Sometimes you are getting two houses of similar features but the price of ‘house A’ far exceeds the price of ‘house B’, without any logical reason.

Of course, the right move here would be to buy house B. Try and compare prices with that of local market.

  1. Number of Rooms

If you are a family of 6 people, there is no point getting a house with two rooms or maybe there is, considering your kids are okay having their beds inside the lounge.

This depends upon you but generally, it is favorable to get a house with more rooms for your own ease. Just spill your input and your real estate agent will fetch the right house for you.

  1. Distance from Schools, Hospitals and Your Job Area

If you have a family, it is important to have a house near a school. Not only this will save transportation expenditure, it will not be tiring for you to transport your kid via quick route to his /her school.

Emergencies can happen anytime and anyplace. It is good to have a house near a hospital. If any unfortunate emergency arises, you can swiftly access the hospital.

And yes, the distance between your workplace and your house is very important. You will spend a major part of your life, going to a workplace through your home so, a home nearer to workplace will be a good choice.

  1. Environment Friendly Community

Some communities have affordable houses but there are negligible parks and recreational centers around the community. Other communities have higher rates of burglary, mugging and theft.

Interact with locals and get your house inside an environment friendly community. Your real estate agent will give sound advice regarding this matter.

  1. The Noise Factor

Talk with neighbors about noise affecting the area around the house, which you have your eyes on. Spend a day near the house and judge the noise capacity.

If the noise is bearable, the house is a good option for you but if it is too much, time to find another place.

NOTE: Houses near subways are prone to extensive noise. Spend a good deal of time before getting a house in that area.

  1. The Risk of Calamities

Talking about floods, tornadoes and frequent thunder showers, not only they are dangerous for you and your family; they bring a lot of monetary damage.

Imagine yourself emptying your pocket, every time a flood comes in. Get weather information from both, the internet as well as from the community.

  1. Adequate Parking Space

Vehicles stranded on the roads are always in danger of theft. The house you are getting, see if there is adequate parking space for your vehicles.

  1. Garden Space

Having a region of plants in your home will enhance the health of house members. To get good garden space, consult your buyer’s agent.

NOTE: All of the facilities abovementioned bring “VALUE” to property. Whenever you want to buy a house, focus on such items.

Having items which bring value to your property, raise the selling price. In this way, if you want to sell off your home in future, it will have a significant selling price – all thanks to your buyers agent washington dc as well as value added utilities.

Sleep Apnea Doctor and Things You Should Know

A sleep apnea doctor performs treatments for sleep apnea. As of now, there are numerous options for treatments suited for everyone. However, if you want to know more about sleep apnea and you like to consult a doctor, set a schedule for your appointment.

How to Know If You Need to See a Sleep Apnea Doctor?

If you think you are experiencing symptoms of sleep apnea, making an appointment with your sleep apnea doctor. Your health problem may be treated to keep you from the possible dangers of some complications. The process will start with a thorough consultations as well as an evaluation of one’s sleep. Such sleep evaluations frequently involve observing your breathing and some body functions while you’re sleeping.

Kinds of Sleep Apnea Doctors

Probably, a huge step is acknowledging and identifying that you have sleeping problems. The next step is seeing your sleep apnea doctor in their own sleep clinic Rockville. Depending on your condition, there are basically different doctors that could assist you. Some of them include:

  • Otolaryngologists – These doctors specialize in nose, ears, and throat issues. Their expertise actually lies in the problems that involve the inside of your face and head. If your sleep apnea wasn’t treated by some treatments available in the market, a surgery will be recommended and otolaryngologist can help you. The surgery might be a simple procedure on small tissues to more general surgery that involves tonsils that might require hospitalization.
  • Primary Care Physician – You should seek for the help of a primary doctor if you have concerns about morning headaches, snoring, and some signs of sleep apnea.
  • Dentists – There are several dentists who are trained to treat sleep apnea and some sleep related disorders. They might also help through fitting you with customized dental tools to help you breathe much easier.
  • Psychiatrists – There are times that a lifestyle change may help resolve sleep apnea. The changes in the behavior, quitting smoking, and healthy sleeping positions might be the solution to get a good night’s sleep. Such behavioral professionals can help you make some changes necessary to help you get rid of sleep apnea.
  • Neurologists – These are generally specialists in the ways the nerve and brain function. Such doctors know how these contribute to sleep apnea through checking their messages to your airways, tongue, and throat that let you sleep properly.

How To Build Retaining Walls

According to retaining wall contractorRetaining walls are rigid walls which help support the soil mass. Especially designed in hilly areas, they prevent land sliding and help bound soils between two different elevation levels.

To build a strong retaining wall, you can either make it yourself or call a professional masonry contractor.

The following guide will help you build retaining walls:

  1. Making a Deep Trench

Create a trench. It should be big enough to have room for the block and at least 8 inches of space behind it. The trick here is to excavate deep enough so that at least one full course can be buried, including a space of 4” – 6” of base material. Get an even layer of base material by establishing a leveled trench. In cases of extreme weathers, this helps in prevention of tipping the walls.

If you get help from a retaining wall contractor, they size the trench with the help of laser level and a story pole.

  1. Tightening the Trench

After the trench is formed, you need to tighten it. Firmly press the soil either, with a hand temper or vibrating plate compactor. This step is very important as without enough force, your wall can settle, loosening the top base.

  1. Laying a Base of Crushed Stones:

A retaining wall contractor recommends laying a base of crushed stones rather than going for gravel, which is found naturally inside the pit. The only catch is that it is a little expensive but it is formidable as compared to natural gravel.

The base of crushed stones, as put by professional retaining wall contractor, ‘provides better drainage due to sharper angles of stone’. This makes you apply less force for compactness.

  1. Applying First Course

Level each block, from front and back, with the help of a torpedo level. Establish block formation with the help of either a plastic mallet or heavy rubber.

As per standards of masonry contractors, try laying the course from the center of the trench.

  1. Sweeping the First Formation

Once first course is laid, you need to sweep the block formation. If any unwanted pebble falls onto it, it will tamper your alignment. Now lay the blocks, in form of numerous courses and in case of wall running up the hill, keep laying until top of second course has become even with the grade.

  1. Providing Drainage

A masonry contractor will precisely tell you how much you need to leave space for drainage. On a rough estimate, start backfilling the wall, with the help of rocks so that grade height can be matched with the wall.

Get drain tee fittings, supported by a drain gate every 25’ – 50’. You can even cut one block for accommodating the drain gate. If drain tile parts get covered by rocks, they can come apart. To make them safe, screw parts of drain tiles firmly.

  1. Block Recommendation

Avoid hollow blocks because they require individual filling and this is a time-consuming process. Also, not all of hollow blocks can be cut.

In any case, if you run into any kind of problem, contact a professional masonry contractor long island and he will help you set up the retaining wall through his advice, experience and by giving the correct estimate of required materials.

Living With Asthma – How To Manage

Research any asthma clinic – you will find millions of people suffering globally from asthma. So many children and people living are suffering from this deadly and chronic disease. Here are a few tips your asthma doctor will recommend to make your life much better!

  1. Know What to Do in Case of An Acute Attack

In case of an acute attack, know your plan of action. Keep your inhalers close by and buy them periodically. Do not hide your inhalers away. Going to the gym or shower? Keep them close to you so that in case of emergency you can take care of yourself.

  1. Keep Medications Close By

Know which medications to use. Ask your asthma doctor to prescribe you medicines according to your extent of disease. Treat your diseases symptomatically.

  1. Try to Keep Pets Out of The House

Pet fur is one of the main causes that can cause an acute asthmatic attack. Try to create a pet-free zone in your house so that you can have a breather. Also, try to remove the fur of pets from curtains, cushions, bed etc.

  1. Know Your Triggers

All asthma clinics will inform you the environmental triggers you might have. For example, particular fragrances, pet fur, dander, pollen etc can cause the asthma to exacerbate. Some foods may also lead to an attack.

  1. Keep Your House Clean

Regularly clean your house so that there is no dust in the house. Remove carpets. Vacuum instead of dusting so that minimum amount of dusts will be in air. Asthma doctors suggest that you use a mop instead of broom. Change filters in the HEPA machines regularly. Also keep your ducts clean. Also try to control pest in the house. Keep your beds and toys clean. Water leaks and spills should be addressed immediately. Do not let dust mites gather up. Also try to not let anyone smoke in the house.

  1. Know Which Foods You Are Allergic To

Some food items such as eggs or meat can cause allergic reaction as well.  Try to prepare your food by yourself to avoid mixing in some allergic material.

  1. Keep Your House Humidity Free

Do not use any humidifiers to make sure there is no moisture in the house. Excess of moisture can also lead to asthmatic attacks.

  1. Do Not Exercise Over Your Stamina

Do not exercise a lot or over the limit you are set by your doctor. Do not do strenuous activities. Exercising way more your limit can cause you to stress your muscles, which can lead to asthmatic attacks.

  1. Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle and Weight

Try to keep your weight in check by avoiding too much oily or spicy food. Check any asthma doctor Manassas VA to know the type of things you should include more in diet. Also, try to get to a weight which is according to your BMI. Being overweight can also cause you to stress more on your muscles.

10 Interesting Things You May Not Know About Quartz Countertops

You may think you know everything about Quartz countertops and Quartz installers, but there are so many facts hidden beneath the surface. Before you buy these countertops for your home, here are some interesting things you deserve to know:

  1. Quartz counters are not exactly made of quartz

Since the same say its Quartz countertops, you would believe that they are made of Quartz but that’s not how it goes. Yes, there is some bit of Quartz but in combination with other materials. These countertops also contain a binder like cement or resin, marble, ceramic, granite, silica and even glass.

  1. All quartz countertops are basically supplied by a single source

An Italian company called Breton developed Bretonstone in 1963. The Bretonstone technology was licensed to 52 companies across the world. So basically, the supply comes from Breton and big brands like Silestone and Cambria add their own touches to create Quartz countertops.

  1. Quartz is not just a countertop material

Quartz is not just used in making countertops, but also floors. Yes, it is slabbed out in floors of shopping malls, airports, and even Prada. In fact, Quartz was originally used in floor tiles, the countertop application came years later. You can even ask about it from one of your Quartz installers.

  1. Quartz doesn’t require extra maintenance

The best thing about Quartz is it doesn’t demand extra maintenance. You will even hear the Quartz countertop contractors brag about it. No special cleaning products are required to clean it either. All you need is a cloth and water.  In case you are worried about hygiene, just use a mild detergent to clean the countertops. If you really want to use a cleaner, it is recommended to use only those that are specially meant for Quartz.

  1. Quartz is different from Granite

Quartz and Granite both are stones but they are different from one another.  The polymers and resins added in Quartz countertops make them nonporous and impervious to stains. Granite, on the other hand, is 100 percent natural and it is very porous. Hence why it can develop stains very quickly. If you ask the Quartz installers which material is best for kitchen countertops, they will say its Quartz because it doesn’t stain or chip like Granite.

  1. Quartz is the second most abundant mineral on Earth

Quartz is present in abundance on the crust of the Earth.  Unlike other minerals, it is not mined in specific locations on the Earth.

  1. It’s eco-friendly

Engineered Quartz is quite eco-friendly. Why, you ask? It is made from a variety of waste products and minerals that are mixed with polymer. Since recycled materials are used, the production of Quartz utilizes less energy.

  1. Quartz and Quartzite are two different materials

When shopping for countertop materials, you will come across Quartzite too, which many would think as Quartz but is not. They are only similar in name they don’t have any other quality in common. Quartzite is a naturally occurring mineral that can be cut into slabs, polished and used for countertops. Since it is a natural stone, it does not need engineering like Quartz. The only advantage of Quartzite over Quartz countertops is they are heat resistant. Both have their own perks and it majorly depends on your lifestyle when it comes to choosing between the two. It is recommended to discuss your choices with the Quartz countertop contractors before picking the material.

  1. Quartz is easy to customize

It is very easy to customize. Unlike any other mineral, it can be manufactured in different shapes and sizes to fit any type of kitchen.

  1. It can be used in bathrooms too

Quartz is not just used for making kitchen countertops, it can also be used in bathrooms. It is naturally water-resistant and you don’t have to seal it. It is easy to maintain and it is mold-resistant. Even the smudges of the fingers are easy to wipe off. So, if you want to use it for your bathroom surface, Quartz is a great choice.

Quartz surly is one of the highly popular choices when it comes to kitchen countertops. It is even taking over the market share of Granite. No wonder why Quartz countertop contractors rockville md are being hired every other day by homeowners.