11 Interesting Facts About Sewer And Drain

When you talk about sewers and drains then only drain cleaning services and sewer cleaning companies come to your mind. The perception that is formed about drains and sewers in your minds is dirty, smelly, black water full of human waste, dirt, gunk, and other garbage. It is true that all the waste substances and other gunk go down the drains and sewers but there are some facts about sewers and drains that you will be surprised to know.

Things to know about drain cleaning

The first drains and sewers were invented by the Egyptians in 2500 BC. The Egyptians were known to take regular baths and used to perform rituals to keep themselves clean and pure. They invented the drains so that they could get clean and pure water every time they took a bath.

Sewers do not have a stinky smell or a foul smell. Very rare times they smell really bad but mostly sewers have a very earthy smell. In fact, mostly in mornings and afternoons, sewers and drains actually smell sweet and good because of all the shampoos and soapy water going down the drain. Imagine the torture for the people of drain cleaning services if the sewers smell extremely bad.

Even though people are told not to flush down big things in the toilet, many people still continue to do so, which cause severe blockages in the drain pipes and sewers and then you require sewer cleaning companies. Sanitary napkins, paper towels, wet wipes, towels, plastic shoppers, soaps, grease, oil, food substances are commonly found in the drain popes which should be properly disposed in the garbage and not thrown through the drain pipes. This causes destructions known as ‘Fatbergs’. Fatbergs is a name given by the drain cleaning services to the floating chunks and blocks of greases or oils which blocks and causes problems in the whole sewer system.

You will be surprised to know that the biggest fatberg which has been removed by the sewerage cleaners weight 15 tons and was the size of a bus and is comprised of blocks of grease mixed with wet wipes. It reduced the size of that sewer system to 5%.

There have been many unusual things found buy the drain cleaners due to the sewer system blockages which include men’s briefs, mobile phones, paints, syringes, bottles, and toys. Apart from these things many pets in which fish are the most common have been found in the drainage systems. Once a plumber found false teeth, one plumber found a live badger, who thankfully was alive and was treated and lived on. One strange incident where a plumber found a snake in the draining pipe, imagine the terror he must have gone through. What people do not realize is that toilets are only for flushing human waste and the rest of the stuff should never be flushed or thrown down the drain.

Hiring professional sewer cleaning services

Billions of dollars are spent every year on the cleaning of the sewer and the drainage system.

If there were no drainage systems or sewer systems then everyone would have been living in a foul-smelling world. So, a drainage system is actually a blessing to keep you healthy clean and pure and that is the reason you should not abuse this blessing and cause problems and blockages in it by throwing unnecessary items down the drain, in fact, you should be careful in what you are throwing down it.

Another shocking fact is that the internet that you use through the fiber cable optics is situated in the sewer systems of the city. To avoid unnecessary extra building and construction work, the internet companies install the fiber optic broadband internet cables in the already built sewer systems.

  • There are 3 types of sewer systems:
  • Storm sewers or surface water sewers
  • Foul sewers or sanitary sewers
  • Combined sewers

The storm sewers carry water from the rains and storms into the rivers and the streams, while the sanitary sewers carry the water from your homes, kitchen and bathroom into the wastewater treatment plants and combined carry from a single pipe to the sewer system.

It is advisable to get your drains cleaned by the sewer cleaning companies manhattan ny twice a year.