12 Food Storage Tips For Restaurants

If you don’t take care of food while storing it, this can lead to issues. For example, when the freezer is not working, the food will be spoiled and you will need to get commercial freezer repair service. So in order to store your food properly, follow the below given tips.

Things to know about commercial freezer

  1. Place Meat as Low in the Freezer as Possible

Many people make this mistake while storing food that they place meat above everything and rest of the food is stored low. The meat juice spoils all the food items as well as damages the freezer and you will need walk-in cooler repair services then. Follow the rule of storing meat in the lowest section.

  1. Store Food in Air Tight Containers

You will need to open and close the freezers multiple times in a day. As the food gets air, it starts to spoil. The problem continues and you will see food spoiling. In order to get rid of this issue, you should use air tight containers, storage boxes, ingredient bins and food pans to store the food in the freezers.

  1. Control the Temperature

Temperature of the freezer or refrigerator is the most important thing that many people ignore. The life of the food depends on the right temperature. If it is below the normal or too high, the food will be spoiled as well as the freezer will get out of order. You will then need commercial freezer repairs.

  1. Never Overload the Freezer

This is one of the most serious mistakes people make while storing food. They overstuff the freezers on special occasions like festivals when they have more food. The extra load puts pressure on the freezer and it exerts more pressure on itself. As it tries to maintain the temperature, it can get damaged. You will also see cold and hot areas in the freezer due to this issue.

  1. Keep Shelves Clean and Organized

The life of food depends on the quality of the freezer as well as the inside environment according to commercial freezer repair experts. If the inside of the freezer is smelly, dirty it will spoil all of your food. That is why, you should regularly clean the freezer and the shelves. The food sections should be kept clean and neat.

  1. Regular Maintenance of Freezers

Freezers need to be checked and repaired regularly in order to avoid wrong timed problems. At the peak of the season, you cannot afford a freezer to get out of order. So hire the best walk-in cooler repair or commercial appliances repairs before the season starts, get your freezers checked and make sure they are ready for use.

  1. Keep Storage Dry

If the food storage area inside the freezer is dry, that means there is something wrong with the freezer. It will spoil the food very soon. So you should be careful about this. Always keep the storage areas dry and dark so that your food lasts for the desired time period.

  1. Label and Check Foods in Storage

Every food item inside the freezer should be labelled with date of keeping as well as expiry date. This will help you consume the food on time, prevent spoiling of the food as well as avoid food wastage. You will be more organized this way.

  1. Prevent Cross Contamination

Sometimes people take and put food in the freezers with dirty hands. The smell of the food affects the food stored and may lead to food contamination. That is why experts recommend to use gloves as well as cleaning hands with soap or hand wash so that such issues can be prevented.

  1. Get Rid of Expired Foods

As you have to take care of walk in cooler repairs Vienna, you also have to be careful about the food. If you see any food has expired, get rid of it as soon as possible otherwise it will spoil all the food items stored in the freezer. Never make this mistake. It can also damage the freezer.

  1. Take Care of Stock Rotation

You should follow “first in, first out” strategy to keep stock rotation in a particular order. This is a very practical way to store food in freezer in a good manner and prevent food spoiling.

  1. Replace Old Freezers

If you see the old freezers are having issues or the food is getting spoiled due to the freezer, you should get help of the commercial appliance repairs. The best option will be to replace the old ones with new to prevent further issues.