4 Best Rugs For High Traffic Areas Of Your House

Imagine buying new area oriental rugs for your house and guests arrive at your place and they have brought kids and a pet with them. You serve them snacks and freak out when their kids spill Gatorade and chips on your new rug and their dog Tommy starts to lick on the rug. You completely lose your mind when you notice that your guests still have their shoes on and they have placed it on your new rug, but still you see them off with a tight smile and then run to clean your precious rugs.

Most of you would have faced this situation at one point or another, and if not with guests then with your own kids and pets. Most areas of your house are considered high traffic areas where the family mostly lounges around or the entrance way. These areas include your lounge, your entrance hallway, your dining room and sitting room. The foot traffic is more in these areas as compared to other parts of your home. The result is that your rugs face the most wear and tear in these places. The solution to this is to invest in rugs which are suited for high traffic areas. The properties of these rugs are that they should be durable, easy to clean, stain resistant, fade resistant, resistant to wear and tear and matting and crushing. But where are these rugs and what are they made of? Read below to find out.


The best rug material for high traffic areas is Nylon. Nylon is the best choice for you if you own pets and have children who spill food and drinks everywhere and you love inviting guests over. It is a very durable rug material and one which is hard to destroy. It is available in a wide variety of colors and designs and also mimics the look of silk. The aesthetic appeal draws the buyer and has the added benefit of easy to maintain and clean. Nylon is also resistant to heavy foot traffic and retains its shape even if you place heavy furniture on it. It is stain resistant and also very soft to walk and sit on.


Wool is a very popular choice amongst homeowners for rugs for their high traffic areas. Wool is the most durable of all which means it will last you for years and years to come. Wool is also the softest of all which will also provide warmth and coziness in the winters.

Other than that, wool is highly stain resistant and also resistant to liquid spills which includes greasy oils as well, but it is better to clean up the spills immediately. Wool is also dirt and dust resistant so it is best if you have elders in your home having asthma or breathing issues, wool is a material that resists bacterial growth and dust mites. However, wool is highly absorbent so do not place it in wet areas of the house such as near bathrooms or sinks.


Polypropylene is made up of synthetic material that is extremely luxurious to touch and feel and is very durable. It is highly resistant to dust, dirt, mildew and stains and does not even fade in the sun. The best part is that polypropylene rugs are easy to clean and maintain, and can even be placed in the wet areas of the house such as near bathrooms, sinks or even pools. These rugs are affordable and will last for a long time even after severe use in high traffic areas and their color will not fade as well.


Although cotton is not as durable as nylon and wool but still is a preferable choice amongst home owners for rugs due to its style, versatility, colors, design and easy to maintain and clean. Cotton is a very durable material but not as much as wool. Cotton is homely, comfortable and long lasting and can be easily cleaned in the washing machine and dried outdoors in the sun. It is popular due to its easy to maintain feature.

Also, whether you are choosing Persian, antique, tribal, traditional, or contemporary rugs, make sure to buy from reliable rug stores Northern VA to get long lasting rugs.