6 Things Every Wedding Ceremony Needs

A wedding is probably the most beautiful yet intimidating part of any couple’s life. In order to make it somewhat manageable and easier, you should get in touch with wedding tent rentals and other vendors. Therefore, here are some things that need to be on your priority list for the ceremony.


A wedding is incomplete without good pictures. For the ceremony, you will need to arrange a photographer to take pictures of the vows, ring ceremony, and more. Wedding pictures are a great memento and you can always look back to the beautiful day and cherish the memories.

The photographer can be the same as the reception photographer and that’s generally a better idea because it costs you much less and you only need to deal with one photographer at a time. Photography is a non-negotiable thing at a wedding, so why not have some beautiful memories from the ceremony too?


Another very important thing and must-have for the wedding ceremony is having transportation to take you and the attendees to the reception. Sometimes, you can let this important thing slip through the cracks from the stress of planning the perfect day for you and your partner.

But transportation is something you can’t arrange at the last minute. It needs to be a proper commute from the ceremony to the reception and there should be accommodation for the guests at the church as well. That’s why transportation needs to be your top priority. The last thing you want is to hail a cab to reach your reception.

The Rings

This is something a lot of couples are guilty of doing. It’s probably very normal for you to forget these things, but if you want things to go smoothly and avoid those unnecessary trips back and forth, then you need to remember this.

Don’t forget the rings for the bride and groom, because this is one of the main things a couple needs right after the vows are made. You don’t want to embarrass yourself by forgetting the rings and having someone fetch them. Have them ready to go in a car or in one of your friend’s possessions.

An Awesome Venue

This is another important thing to do before the ceremony. Usually, ceremonies are done in churches, but people can do it just about anywhere and everywhere, but it’s still important that you have the place set up for the wedding ceremony.

If you’re going to a church, then you want to make sure that you’ve asked the authorized people of the church to hold your ceremony there. If you’re going for an outdoor venue, then make sure that all of the preparations are done, like décor, setting up the chapel, having proper seating arrangements for the guests, and other things.

Wedding Celebrant

A wedding celebrant is someone who officially conducts the wedding and a ceremony is not complete without this person. The celebrant can either be someone from the church, like a priest or officiant, or it can be someone from the family, who knows how to officiate a wedding.

The celebrant also needs to be arranged before the wedding, because no one wants to be a last-minute celebrant to the wedding. They are also responsible for getting the process of making a marriage certificate and license started, so it needs to be on your top priority list.

A Plan

All weddings are different. There is a certain pattern people follow. Most weddings have flower girls and the entrance of the bridesmaids and the best men and then the bride makes her entry, while some are pretty laid back and non-traditional.

Whatever it may be for you, you need to come up with a plan and how exactly things are going to flow at the time of the ceremony. Whether the priest or celebrant is going to say your vows or the bride or groom will, etc., all of these things need to be planned and executed.


There you have it! These things are good to know because it helps to filter out all of the other things which might be a waste of money or time. However, these things are an absolute must. Book wedding party rentals Rockland NY months before the wedding day so you can choose the best one and don’t have to settle for below-average services.