7 Granite Countertop Design Ideas

Granite is quite resistant to heat damage and is durable. This makes it the best option for the kitchen countertops. But, due to its variety of designs and tones, one might get confused designing their kitchen. So, here’s the guide to help you decide which granite countertop design you should go with.

Solid Granites

Solid looking granites are the best option for small kitchens. It is because, as compared to marbled and speckled granite, solid-looking granites do not have little patterns or veining. And this gives a little more margin for space, making the countertops look not too busy.

Honed Granite

Granite countertops are the best option for your kitchen, as they’re comparatively more durable and robust. Plus, they add more style to your kitchen with thousands of options. But, if you still want some other countertop option with the same qualities, no worries. You can yet have the exact attributes with honed granite.

Honed granite looks different from typical granite but is still granite. It puts on the appearance of other stones, such as black honed granite will look like soapstone. So, it’s a good option for you, if you want something different with the same quality.

Glossy Granite

Glossy granite is a perfect option for your dark kitchen. If your kitchen is in the corner of your home, where it gets a minimal amount of light, install glossy granite countertops. It will capture some extra light for the kitchen and make it look more clear and wide.

Also, glossy granite is an excellent choice for your small kitchen. The reflecting light from the countertops will make your kitchen look bigger.

Tile Granite

Granite is an expensive stone option for your kitchen. Plus, the installation and fabrication of one-piece slabs cost extra money to you. So, if you want granite countertops but you’re low on budget. Then, you can go with tile granite countertops. They have the same grace with few visible grout lines.

Granite For Modern Kitchens

A light color simple granite would go best with a modern kitchen. It will balance with the dark countertops and the contemporary backsplash. It will also go best with your modern hardware and give your kitchen a sober yet stylish look.

Custom-Cut Granite

Granite gives you a variety of options for countertop designing. You can even custom-cut it to your choice. And it will still add more visual beauty to your kitchen. Also, custom-cut granite is neither odd nor damaging for your cabinetry. For instance, if you install apron-cut granite over your kitchen island or cut in an eased edge, it will only add a compliment to your kitchen.

Combined Granite Sinks

If you want an instantly eye-catching look, go for joint granite sinks. Along with being more durable, these sinks will make your kitchen look different with the same granite countertops. Hence, these custom-made granites are a beautiful use of granite.

Theme Ideas for Your Kitchen with Granite Countertops

Baby Blue

If you’re looking for a theme that gives elegant and soft vibes, go for the baby blue colors. Compliment this theme with light gray color granite countertops. And add the same baby blue color furniture for the more country looks. Also, white cabinetry will go best with the whole theme.


As there are many color options in granite. So while going for beige granite countertops, you can create a theme of trappings. For instance, adding a custom-cut granite countertop with an open-front sink. And the contrast of mustard and cream color furniture. Plus, a pinch of rustic theme with copper cookware as decorative pieces. It will make your kitchen look beautiful and luxurious.

Country Theme

To give your kitchen a more country look, you can add a chandelier over your island. Plus, a yellow granite countertop will go best with the country theme. And compliment it with a wooden range hood.

Brown And Gold Theme

To contrast brown cabinets with something other than gray or white, go for granite countertops with brown and golden shades. Red flower vases will add a simple yet elegant look to this theme. And white hanging lamps are an extra sprinkle of elegance to this theme.

Therefore, choosing a granite color doesn’t alone change the overall look of your kitchen. For that, you need a proper theme design. Contact reliable granite companies Rockville to show you various designs and give you kitchen theme ideas.