7 Wedding Arrangements That Are A Waste Of Your Money

Wedding is undoubtedly the best day for everyone and people want their wedding to be extraordinary, which is why they hire the best wedding party rentals and get everything of top-notch quality. However, sometimes in excitement, many couples end up wasting a lot of their money on worthless things that they regret later. Such things include:

Wedding Favors

These are surely a great way to please the guests and give them something that you think they would save forever as a memory but in reality, wedding favors cost way too much as most of the guests tend to lose the item that you would gift them and many find them useless. So, rather than pleasing the guests for a while and spending lots of money on the favors, save some for your future or use it somewhere that is actually worth it.

Excessive Flowers

Getting the entire backdrop of the stage or the aisle decorated with real flowers will unquestionably create the most gorgeous look ever but why should one spend a lot of money on something that will die within 2 days? Get your wedding venue decorated with flowers but not in excess. Moreover, if you are worried about your bridesmaids then be different and rather than giving them bouquets full of flowers, get them beautiful and elegant corsages made. This idea would help in saving a healthy amount of money.

Huge Wedding Cake

As mentioned above, couples get overly excited or their wedding and get extraordinary when it comes to the wedding cake. Couples don’t even think twice while ordering huge cakes for around $500-$700. The several towered wedding cakes are not usually finished and almost half of it goes to waste. The couple tends to regret this decision of them later when they think about it. Rather than ordering a huge cake, you can get two or three small but beautiful cakes that would be enough to serve your guests.

Menu Cards

Well, the more modern menu cards look, the more money it costs. Getting more than one menu cards printed for a single table is surely a waste of money as those menu cards would be thrown in trash after your party. If you want to let your guests know about the wedding menu, you can get it written on a large chalkboard as it doesn’t cost so much.

Destination Wedding

Well, well, well, destination wedding sounds way too much dreamy and appealing but it is way more costly than you think. However, an international wedding venue is extremely expensive and is not afforded by almost every couple. But there are many couples who save their money for their dream wedding and spend all their savings on it then regret it later. Instead of spending money on a destination wedding and the wedding tent rentals in a foreign country, save that money and use it for your honeymoon as it would be more joyful.

Never-Ending Guest List

Couples are super happy at their wedding and want everyone that they know to attend their wedding even the ones who they haven’t talked a long time ago but are connected to them on social media such as Facebook, Instagram etc. Reducing your never-ending guest list can also do wonders in saving some money as more the guests are, the larger the set up you would have to ask the party rentals to arrange which would hurt your wallet a little too much as well.

Highly Expensive Wedding Dress and Accessories

A perfect wedding dress is something that everyone wishes to have and once the wedding is just around the corner, couples start rushing to the renowned designers without caring about their budget. All they want is the most gorgeous outfit for their wedding to slay in and tell everyone that they are wearing a designer dress on their special day. But know that you can find that ‘perfect dress’ from a local designer as well that too in way less money.

So, know these wedding money wasters, try to avoid these, and get a very reasonable package from wedding tent rentals Rockland NY for your big day.