8 Popular Swimming Pool Shapes Most Homeowners Prefer

Building a pool isn’t a small thing, and knowing every different type of pool shape can work wonders and can help you in making the right decision. Many people don’t even know what are the options that they can explore when going to pool contractors, but it’s also okay because pool builders can educate them on which shapes are better.

You should know that the pool shape you choose can influence the overall experience you’ll have. We’ll discover different types of pool shapes in this blog for your convenience.

Oval Shaped Pools

An oval shaped pool is, well like a large oval. Pools of this shape are often built in big backyards. They are usually built in setups like backyard oasis. The oasis style suits this shape because these pools look great when combined with palm trees and waterfalls.

Figure 8 Pools

The figure 8 pools are built just like the number 8, round from the edges and it bends a little towards the inside from the middle. This figure is used to build a pool by people who like to have an irregularly shaped water reserve in their backyard. The curved edges let the water flow freely inside the pool, and you can enjoy the free flow of water. Rectangular pools have sharp edges, and water in those pools refract back from the edges, while in the shape 8 pool, it circulates freely.

L Shaped Pool

These capital L-shaped pools have a very interesting shape. The long part of the pool is kept narrower than the horizontal smaller part. The wide horizontal smaller part is a perfect place for friends to hang out.

The L shaped pool can come in handy for the houses with smaller backyards. While you might be thinking that your backyard isn’t large enough for building a pool, you can ask your pool expert to build an L shape pool. It looks like a custom shape, and can fit in any type of backyard easily.

Free Form Pools

These pools are perfect for any type, shape and size of backyard imaginable. Actually, the term “free form” means that you can get any pool shape built according to your unique backyard size. Usually, the free form pools are given more curves rather than sharp corners, this is to keep the water freely floating throughout the pool.

The free form pools are basically the ones that won’t see anywhere other than your backyard. This is the best type of pool shape for anyone who wants to try a bit of a different design.

Grecian Pools

Grecian pools are known for their wide space. These pools are just like the big rectangular pools, with the only difference that their corners are tilted at 45 degrees. Due to their huge size, these pools are usually built by large families because they can house more people at a time. You’ll see these pools mostly built in farmhouses, since they have plenty of space.

Kidney Pools

Kidney pools are built just like the 8 shaped pools, with the exception that only one side curves inwards in the middle, making the pool look like a giant kidney. This irregular shape of the pool gives it the feeling of a natural Lake. You can even ask your pool builder to add an artificial waterfall for added beauty. One advantage that the kidney pool has over the shape 8 pool is that the water circulates, instead of hitting against the edges.

Rectangular Pools

Rectangular pools may not be the best-looking ones, but they are the most commonly built pools. These pools look like long strips of water used in the Olympic competitions. Many residential buildings and middle-sized houses tend to go for this shape of pool due to lack of space. You’ll see them everywhere.

Circular Pools

Circular pools are perfect for large spaces. A majority of pools built inside the houses and buildings are circular in shape, because they are the easiest ones to cover with a roof. The roof can save a pool from a host of different things, like particles and other harmful stuff that can deteriorate the quality of water.

These pools are usually built for kids, and they’re covered since you need to keep the water as clean as possible.

These are some of the most common pool shapes that you can choose from. To get more personal recommendations, use the help of in ground pool builders Long Island.