Best Video Game Consoles You Shouldn’t Miss to Buy

Choosing the best game consoles might seem like an overwhelming task, one that is harder that it should be. Although there are some 3 console manufacturers that have various models available, each has its own pros and cons. If you want to know which game console is suited for you, the answer may depend on various factors.

There are several consoles that fit any kind of gamer. For you to choose the best one for you, knowing the basics can make a difference as each major game console has its own pros and cons.

Best Multimedia Game Console

If you are planning to turn your new game console into a hub of your own home theater, it’s a good idea to choose Xbox One that comes with Kinect camera accessory. Although it could glitch out sometimes, there is something relaxing when coming home after your work and sitting down in your living room and turning on your Xbox One with just a simple voice command. Between the integrated Blu-ray drive as well as the support for each major streaming service, there are lots of videos you can enjoy because Microsoft lets you pass the cable box through the game console so you could watch television while checking your Twitter in the handy sidebar.

Budget Game Console

Today’s generation of game consoles provides top-tier gaming as well as premium graphics, yet you have to pay the price. If you are on a budget, Sony and Microsoft still sell the last-generation gaming consoles. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are cheaper compared to its new siblings, particularly once you buy used, something that is easy to do when a lot of people are considering for an upgrade.

If you have a super-tight budget, you can consider a cheaper alternative, which is called microconsoles. Majority of people play some games on their phones. However, several love the unique take on their gaming that Google Play Store provides. Running the same OS you find on most smartphones, the microconsoles allow you to play the Android games on big screen. As its name implies, microconsoles are less powerful compared to full-pledged gaming consoles.

You may choose any game consoles available in the market. The choice is yours as it depends on your needs, yet if you want to level up your entertainment experience, you may also try some amazing apps.