Bone Growth and Playing Sports at Young Age

Girls and boys have been playing different kinds of sports for many years now. Recently, exercise physiologists and doctors have realized that sports for youth represent both negative and positive impacts to bone growth. Particular injuries carry potentials for long term damage, yet can be prevented. On contrary, even the moderate levels of physical exercise and sports reward the young participants with good health like stronger muscles and sturdier bones.

Injuries on Growth Plates

The bones of children are growing constantly. The growth accelerates during puberty before ending in adulthood, yet bones add the materials only in growth plates, the special regions located on the ends of the bones and points where the ligaments and tendons connect to the bones. The growth plates resemble the cartilage in their texture and structure before transitioning to mature and solid bone. The longer the bones on your arms and legs experience the most growth while the growth plates located anywhere influence the bone contours. The bone fractures extend into the growth plate that runs the risk of causing permanent stunting or deformity. However, in many cases, the doctors can set the bones properly as well as restore the normal blood flow.

Musculoskeletal Health and Resistance Training

Light resistance training that is performed under proper supervision both boosts performance in young kids and protect them against any kind of injuries. The most essential point is that youth training must concentrate on the technique instead of building muscles. Lifting more than your body is prepared for does boost the chances of the strains and some injuries. Costly gym membership and gym workout equipment aren’t really necessary to achieve quality strength training. Some resistance workouts basically incorporate one’s weight as the tool for exercise or use a thick elastic tube.

The fear of delayed growth or injuries is not a reason to discourage the youth from doing sports. Majority of injuries are not impossible to prevent, especially if kids follow the basic fitness guidelines including stretching major muscle groups and warming up the right way. Sports also build valuable skills like leadership and teamwork. Take note, the advantages of good physical fitness can last for a lifetime and good habits start early and it isn’t too early to push for exercise as well as healthy competition. So, never be afraid of your bone growth concerns and let your kids enjoy sports at young age.