Easy ways to reduce hair frizz

We have all had days where our evening has been ruined due to the hair frizz. Nothing knows how to ruin your look as good as frizzy hair does. The problem is that sometimes, anti-frizz hair products do not seem to do their job either. Often, excessive hair frizz also leads to premature balding after which people often consider going to a keratin treatments salon.

Ways to reduce hair frizz

Getting rid of frizzy hair is really hard. This is why we have decided to help you and thousands like you who are desperately trying to reduce the frizz in their hair. Here is how you can reduce hair frizz.

Use the right products

You will find anti frizz hair products everywhere. From shampoos to conditioners to serums. But you would you know a product is the right for reducing hair frizz? It may have happened to you before that you have used a hair product that has ended up making your hair even more frizzy. So how can you find the right product?

To understand this, you need to first know why does our hair get frizzy? Our hair needs proper moisture. When it does not get enough, it looks for moisture in the air, and hence gets all frizzy. This is why your hair is particularly extra frizzy when it is humid out there. If your hair product has a high alcohol content, it will dehydrate your hair and make it frizzier. Look for products that hydrate your hair, like hair products will glycerin tend to hydrate your hair.

Moreover, while washing your hair is a good thing, shampooing it every day will get rid of your hair’s natural oil. That will make your hair frizzier. Avoid shampooing your hair every day. If it is necessary, then just condition your hair. Lastly, wash your hair with cold water. If it is freezing cold out there, wash your hair with warm water. But never wash it with steaming hot water. Hot water damages your hair and makes it frizzier.

Get a haircut

Getting regular haircuts keeps your hair’s health in check. Your hair tends to develop split ends if you do not get them cut for a while. This tells you that it is time to get a haircut. Sometimes when you do not get rid of your split ends for a while, they travel upwards and damage your hair.

This causes your hair to become frizzy. Getting a haircut gets rid of the split ends and tends to give more volume to your hair, making them less frizzy. If you choose a haircut with more blunt lines, it will give your hair weight which will keep it down. Haircuts become even more important if you live in an area with more humidity. Most people have issues with hair frizz when it is humid outside. An alternative would be an anti-frizz Brazilian Blowout treatment.

Avoid friction against your hair

Friction can be caused by rubbing a towel. Friction against your hair damages the hair cuticle and makes it frizzy. Instead, a better way to dry your hair is to wrap it in a towel and let it sit for a while. Avoid blow dry as well as heat damages your hair and makes it frizzy too. Air dry your hair and use a wide brush to brush through it to avoid hair breakage. You can tie your hair up in a loose bun too. Avoid tight ponytails that will pull on your hair.


Hair frizz can be treated. However, you would need to give it proper attention and care as it requires. Hair frizz can be caused by a number of reasons. The best way to fix it is to look after your hair and avoid things that may damage it. To get more guidance, go to your nearest hair salon today!