Everything one needs to know about abortion pills

A study conducted by a group of scientists and doctors of Denmark on the safety abortion procedure was published in a New England medical journal in the year 2007. It clearly shows that usage of abortion pills during the first trimester for abortion is not hazardous at all. It also certifies that use of pills for in office abortion does not affect future pregnancies more than the surgical pregnancies effect.

Many women make use of pills known as abortion pills to terminate their unwanted pregnancies during the first trimester. No evidences are available to prove that these abortions can affect future pregnancies. But most women who want to terminate their unwanted pregnancies opt for surgical abortion as it is the most popular one among women who plan to abort. It is better to get educated about the choices a woman has when she has finally decided to go for the abortion. Selecting a suitable one after knowing all the benefits and demerits of different options will be the right decision.

When should one go for abortion pills?

An abortion pill can be used safely for aborting the pregnancy till the ninth week of pregnancy. The sooner you take the pill, the safer will be the abortion. The purpose will be served in a better way. But if the fetus is more than nine weeks old and is within 12 weeks, then it is better to go for a surgical abortion. Surgical abortions are not possible before nine weeks.

How long it takes?

On the first day swallow one tablet.24 hours after swallowing the first pill, put four tablets under your tongue and let it remain there for thirty minutes. After this time spit out if anything is remaining in your mouth. The important benefit of this pills is that no one can prove that you have taken abortion pills as there exists no blood test or other methods to prove this.

Success rate

The success rate of abortion pills is considered to be very high and is estimated to be around 95-97%. On the contrary, 99 % of surgical abortions are considered to be successful. Only1 % failure has been noticed where surgery is again carried out to get the abortion completed successfully.


Use of abortion pills is often followed by heavy bleeding which may last up to one week or more. Heavy clotting will be noticed and it will continue for about 9-14 days. In surgical abortion only light bleeding is noticed and it will last only 5-7 days.

Safety aspects

Taking of abortion pills does not risk the possibility of future pregnancy. Pills are considered to be safe and not considered to be causing any risk to the possibility of future pregnancies. It in no way affects the child bearing capability.

Is it painful?

The cramping and pain caused in surgical abortions and abortions produced by abortion pills are dependent upon the body type of the pregnant woman. Women with cramp history often get very much affected. Pain killers are recommendable and can bring some relief to the pain and uneasiness felt.

What are the disadvantages?

Abortion pills normally takes several days to show its response and pregnancy termination cannot be predicted completely. In addition to this the bleeding produced while consuming abortion pills lasts longer than that produced in surgical abortion. The woman who takes pills needs to visit the health care provided at least twice. This is also a drawback of abortion pills. On the other hand surgical abortion uses an apparatus known as aspirator into the uterus. It also makes use of general anaesthesia to keep free from pain. The main disadvantage of surgical abortion it that it is very expensive and cannot be taken in the first weeks of pregnancy.


When abortion pills are taken it looks like a miscarriage only as no anaesthesia is involved and as no clinical intervention is needed. This can be carried out within the four walls of a room and is almost confidential. This is the reason for the more acceptance of pills found among women.

On the other hand in a surgical abortion, it takes only 3-6 minutes and is 99 % successful. Less bleeding and the surgery is carried out by a skilled abortion DR washington.