Finding a professional countertop installer

Are you planning on installing a new countertop in your kitchen or bathroom? Have you spent hours and hours finding the perfect choice that will match you design plans? If yes, then why waste all that hard work over poor installation? The installation of the countertops plays a major role in how they will look at the end. You can buy the perfect countertop, but it is likely that it will not look so good due to its poor installation. Hence, it is critical to find the best countertop replacement companies for this job.

How to find a good countertop installer?

Poor installation will not only make the countertops look less good, but it will also cause them to perform weakly. This may damage them overtime, for example, if the countertops are not properly sealed.

Here is how you can find and hire a professional installer to make your rooms look perfect.

Ask your friends for recommendations

If you have friends or colleagues who recently had new countertops installed in their kitchen or bathroom, ask them about the professional who installed them. Taking personal reviews of people and their experience with the person they hired is never a bad idea.

Ask them how well the professional did the job and if he or she is a good choice to hire. Sort out all your queries with them. Go to their house and check the countertops they installed and see if you like it. If the countertops appeal to you, consider giving the countertop professional a call. You can also ask for recommendations from the person you bought the countertops from.

Interview the contractors

It is always a good idea to meet up with several contractors and interviewing them instead of going with the first person you meet. Finding the right person will take some time, but you will surely get there. Call the contractors you feel are good and ask them about your queries.

More importantly, ask them about their work experience, the time required to install the countertop and if you can look at any of their previous work. Tell them about the type of countertop you chose and if whether or not they have experience with it. Usually, granite installation requires more experience and technical expertise. Shortlist the installers you like the best and get written estimates from them. Ask them to come look at the work and the countertops so they can give you an estimate. Keep your budget in mind before choosing any installer.

Follow your gut feeling

List down your priorities to help you choose your contractor, whether it is the budget or the amount of time they spend on installing the countertops. This will also help you choose between two contractors that you may end up liking equally. You can also negotiate with the contractor you like and ask them to match your budget. Negotiating is never a bad option. If they agree, get started with your work.

Once you have decided on a professional, work out your schedule with them. Ask them when they will arrive and leave so you can manage your work accordingly. Ask them all the questions you need to ask about the work, such as how much time it will take to install the countertops and what are the necessary measures you need to take to install it perfectly.

Bonus advice

Keep a check and control during granite countertops Potomac installation so that if something does not seem right, you can get it changed. Communication is the tool here and if you don’t tell your queries to the contractor you hired, it is likely that things may not turn out the way you wanted them to.