House Buying Checklist

Buying a house is a lot of hassle. You want a house, laden with specific features but either, those features are scarce in the free market or the selling party is claiming that the amount you offered is too low. Getting a real estate agent (buyer’s agent) helps in acquiring a good home.

To buy a house, a checklist involving the following features must be ensured.

  1. Focusing on Things You Want

Maybe you want a swimming pool in your house, followed by an internal staircase leading up to the attic. In the market, you find a house with a swimming pool but the house is equipped with an exterior staircase.

You have the option to make a compromise or you can wait for a better option – Up to you. Confide in your real estate agent to make the best out of any deal.

  1. Working Utilities

Talking about static air-cons and thermal units, when checking out a new house, be sure to check these utilities.

Other utilities include proper lights, normal doorknobs, and good working taps.

  1. Comparing The Price

Sometimes you are getting two houses of similar features but the price of ‘house A’ far exceeds the price of ‘house B’, without any logical reason.

Of course, the right move here would be to buy house B. Try and compare prices with that of the local market.

  1. Number of Rooms

If you are a family of 6 people, there is no point getting a house with two rooms or maybe there is, considering your kids are okay having their beds inside the lounge.

This depends upon you but generally, it is favorable to get a house with more rooms for your own ease. Just spill your input and your real estate agent will fetch the right house for you.

  1. Distance from Schools, Hospitals and Your Job Area

If you have a family, it is important to have a house near a school. Not only this will save transportation expenditure, it will not be tiring for you to transport your kid via a quick route to his /her school.

Emergencies can happen anytime and anyplace. It is good to have a house near a hospital. If any unfortunate emergency arises, you can swiftly access the hospital.

And yes, the distance between your workplace and your house is very important. You will spend a major part of your life, going to a workplace through your home so, a home nearer to the workplace will be a good choice.

  1. Environment-Friendly Community

Some communities have affordable houses but there are negligible parks and recreational centers around the community. Other communities have higher rates of burglary, mugging, and theft.

Interact with locals and get your house inside an environment-friendly community. Your real estate agent will give sound advice regarding this matter.

  1. The Noise Factor

Talk with neighbors about noise affecting the area around the house, which you have your eyes on. Spend a day near the house and judge the noise capacity.

If the noise is bearable, the house is a good option for you but if it is too much, time to find another place.

NOTE: Houses near subways are prone to extensive noise. Spend a good deal of time before getting a house in that area.

  1. The Risk of Calamities

Talking about floods, tornadoes and frequent thundershowers, not only they are dangerous for you and your family; they bring a lot of monetary damage.

Imagine yourself emptying your pocket, every time a flood comes in. Get weather information from both, the internet as well as from the community.

  1. Adequate Parking Space

Vehicles stranded on the roads are always in danger of theft. The house you are getting, see if there is adequate parking space for your vehicles.

  1. Garden Space

Having a region of plants in your home will enhance the health of house members. To get good garden space, consult your buyer’s agent.

NOTE: All of the facilities abovementioned bring “VALUE” to property. Whenever you want to buy a house, focus on such items.

Having items which bring value to your property, raise the selling price. In this way, if you want to sell off your home in the future, it will have a significant selling price – all thanks to your buyer’s agent as well as value-added utilities.