How Long Does Brazilian Blowout Lasts

People have many queries regarding a Brazilian blowout that they are looking forward to get done from their favorite Brazilian blowout salon. One of the most asked queries is with respect to the lifespan of a Brazilian blowout.

Here’s how long it usually lasts.

It lasts for at least 12 weeks if it is done professionally and correctly

Unless you fell into wrong hands and allowed an unprofessional person to dabble with your hair, your hair will most certainly live on with the results of Brazilian blowout for 12 months which means it is easily going to last for 3 months. That is what most experts and people who have once had it say. It is known to be a semi-permanent hair straightening technique and it provides you a combination of smooth, untangled and soft hair for a reasonably short time. You’ll have to get it done thrice a year if you want your hair to look inch-perfect 365 days a year.

It tends to linger on for 2 to 4 more weeks if aftercare is taken into consideration

Aftercare is quite an essential thing and you cannot turn a blind eye towards it; you cannot ignore your hair once the process at the salon is done. When you come back home with your hair relaxed and smoothened, you still need to be protective of it for some more time. You cannot afford to be careless towards it — a little bit of laziness can cost you big. Also, it does not require you to drown in a meticulous process aftercare — it just asks you to include little things in your routine which you can easily do without getting all worked-up.

Is there a chance of a Brazilian blowout fading in less than 12 weeks? Yes, there is

Like any other treatment, Brazilian blowout also tends to become insignificant if not properly taken care of. If you do not follow the instructions your stylist handed out after the process, you are likely to get all your money doomed. Just for an instance, if you do not care enough about what your stylist guides you towards and you keep using sulfate products, your Brazilian blowout may just get ruined. In some cases, people have been seen complaining about their blowout’s result growing feeble.

Here’s what you can do to make it last for one more month.

Use a shampoo-conditioner duo recommended by your stylist

So many companies out there are making products suitable for each specific treatment, and there should be no uncertainty about several options available for those who’ve had Brazilian blowout treatment done. In order to avoid making a boo-boo, you can ask your stylist to guide you to buying the most apt shampoo and conditioner which would perhaps make it linger for a couple of more weeks.

Use a hair smoothing serum once in every while

There are so many smoothing serums out there for hair that has been recently processed, you should buy one of them to care for your hair. It is much better to consult your stylist before making a purchase whether online or in-person. Your stylist would suggest what’s downright best for you.

Do away with any products containing sulfate and sodium chloride

If your bathroom accessories include sulfate products, just do away with them in next to no time. If the bottle is nearly empty, you can throw it away in the dustbin without thinking a lot but in case there is a lot of it still left in the bottle, you can give it to people who are free to use sulfate-containing products, people for whom sulfate is not declared highly detrimental. It could be anyone who doesn’t mind using your leftover — your sibling, your close friend, your closely-connected colleague, or even a househelp. Just make sure, it does not go to waste — that is all that matters.

Don’t wash your hair too often – just stick to the basic need

If you are habitual of shampooing your hair thrice a week, you better cut down to twice a week. The more you wash your hair, the quicker the result will grow feeble. Therefore, wash your hair as little as possible.

If you want your Brazilian blowout to last longer, use a reliable Brazilian keratin salon in potomac and then do proper aftercare.