How The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Changing The Wedding Culture

The coronavirus has turned things upside down for pretty much everything, and the tradition of getting married with the help of caterers, wedding party rentals by inviting hundreds of guests is no exception. Here are some ways the to-be-wed couples are coping up with the ongoing pandemic, and some suggestions that you can follow.

Chances Are Your Wedding Vendors Will Have To Be Booked All Over Again

The coronavirus pandemic has postponed all weddings for the first half of the year, and that means a lot of rescheduling and re-bookings. Vendors have torn up older contacts and have cleared up their schedules for when the lockdown lifts and weddings can be held again. But that won’t last for long, as people are already contacting their favorite vendors to book them for the next year and maybe even later, so those schedules are quickly getting filled up, and if you haven’t contacted your vendor, it is about time you do so before all slots for are occupied for the foreseeable future.

Tough Safety Measures Will Need To Be Followed To Keep Your Guests Safe

Safety measures are a must in times like these and that means that if you are going ahead with the idea of hosting your wedding in a physical location, that you must ensure all measures in order to keep the attendants safe. What does that entail? Basically, everything that health organizations are instructing us for day to day operations during the wedding: proper hand sanitizing facilities at the entrance to the venue. Gloves and masks should be made a prerequisite for every person entering the venue. There will also be changes observed in how the food and refreshments are catered at the event. If you are up for all this then you can go ahead with hosting your wedding night. Otherwise, it is better to look at alternate channels. Or wait until the end of the pandemic.

Seating Layouts At The Venue Will Be Looking Very Different From The Usual

Following up on the above point, the World Health Organization has advised people to maintain social distancing when out in public. This means that when setting up seating arrangements for your guests, you will have to make sure that everyone is able to stay at least one meter apart to prevent cross contamination. This might mean moving to a bigger venue if the number of guests attending stays the same. However, there is a good chance that many people might not be able to make it out of their homes in light of the current situation, so keep the total headcount under consideration when planning seating.

Streaming Your Wedding For Those Cannot Make It Is Also A Viable Option

For those of us who cannot host a physical wedding after all, there is always the option of hosting the event at your own private premises and streaming the proceedings to all your friends and family. Once again. All of this will need to be properly planned and communicated in advance.

Digital Gift Giving For Wedding Occasions Will Get More Common

Since not everyone may be able to join you on your day of celebration owing to pandemic situation around the world, but still want to make their well wishes know in the form of monetary gifts, you may have to open up a PayPal or other funding solution where people can easily send money to the couple for their future life.

So there you have it, some intuitive solutions for you to still have a smooth wedding, albeit with all the extra bits and details that you initially didn’t account for but make sense for the safety of you and your guests during the ongoing pandemic situation.

We all understand that this is not exactly the ideal condition to be getting married in, but there is no reason for you to delay the start of a new chapter in your life even more than it already has. Do not just sit on your hands helplessly. Instead, be smart and realize that there is a lot that you can still do, maybe even better than you could have done before the pandemic thanks to all the extra time you have now, to make the big day of your life the best day of your life. There are still vendors available. You can now go through more wedding tent rental packages Maryland and choose the right one. Happy wedding!