How To Choose The Best Month For Your Wedding

You basically need to have love in the air for a wedding to happen, but there are many things that come secondary. Deciding when to get married is perhaps atop the list of those things. Deciding it early is necessary so you can final other things like dresses, decor and table and chair rentals for wedding.

Here are few suggestions for a perfect wedding month.

June (Summer Wedding)

Summer is usually the best time to tie the knot if you are a party animal and would love to have a prolonged post-wedding party with your friends and family. Days are long and nights are short in summers, hence, it spares you a lot of time to paint the town red. Plus, if you are someone who likes flirting with the camera whilst the sunshine reflects on you, this is your chance to create a great wedding album. People love to have an outdoor wedding in summers provided there isn’t too much sun. A beautiful, sunny day can end up being your special day. So, why not think about it?


  • You have a great chance to plan an outdoor wedding. If you like being out in the sun, you can have a grand wedding at some explicitly beautiful venue.
  • Since the weather is clear, your guests won’t face any obstacles reaching your wedding venue. It will not take too long to arrive. On top of that, you might not have to arrange transport for your guests.


  • Heat can play a villain in your wedding. You might love the sun but what if some wedding guest of yours is allergic to heat? They would definitely throw some swears and cusses at you.
  • The worst part about summer weddings is bothersome bugs. There are lots of bugs out there you gotta be watchful of.

September (Fall Wedding)

September is absolutely the most favorite month for weddings. People prefer this month more than any other month of the year simply because the weather stays so stable — it is neither too hot nor too chilly. The weather is moderate and hence you can plan your wedding whichever way you want. You have plenty of themes to skim through. On the plus side, autumn is a season dedicated to love – you are going to wed your favorite person with love heavy in the air.


  • There’s no snow to interrupt the wedding.
  • Guests can find a clear route to your wedding venue.
  • September is generally considered a wedding month so you are likely to bag discounts from different vendors.
  • Since most venues have dates unavailable these days, you can plan an intimate wedding ceremony in your backyard with only your friends and family members around.


Since there are a lot of people planning their wedding this month, you might not be able to book the best venue, or you might miss out on your favorite band because they have no dates.

It can rain any time, any day. You should try having an indoor wedding therefore.

December (Winter Wedding)

December is perhaps the chilliest month of the year. It is snowing most of the days in December, and some people are surprisingly not averse to this extremely cold weather. To your amusement, some people like this snowy weather, in fact, they find it romantic. They believe, December imparts romantic and amorous vibes through and through. If you are someone who can tend to cold and would like a winter wedding, then, your search is over, December is the perfect month for you to wed.


  • Since there are too many people willing to marry in December, you can bag plenty of off-season deals.
  • You are surely going to have a wonderful wedding album with all the snow in the background.
  • Best time for a honeymoon – you can make each others’ toes curl.
  • Since holidays are around the corner, all your relatives and acquaintances living out of town would be able to join.
  • If the temperature gets a little too high, you can even get frostbitten unless you wear warm clothes in abundance.
  • Bad weather can make things worse for you. You might need to cancel or postpone your wedding if it’s not a usual day outside.
  • People are usually busy welcoming Christmas and new year; they might not be interested in your event.

You literally have a host of options to choose from. The best thing would be to consider the taste and liking of your beloved, and decide together. Afterwards, hire wedding organizers, decorators, caterers, and wedding tent rentals MD to shape your wedding as you desire.