How To Hire A Countertop Installation Company

To get the best refurbishing in your kitchen countertops, you need to hire professional granite contractors. It may cost you more but it is a long term investment that will pay off. Here are a few tips to hire a countertop installation company.

Ask Around

If a close family member or friend has gotten their countertops installed by granite countertop installers then you can ask them for recommendations and how their experience was with them. This will give you a fair idea of how professionals work and more choices of the companies.

Don’t Be Fooled With Low Price Per Square Foot

Some countertop installation services suck you in their schemes by posing for a low cost per square foot. This makes the buyer opt for the service without having second thoughts. However, the companies do upcharges for the other things like sink installation, profiling edges, cooktop cuttings, sealers, etc. This adds up to the end cost and leaves you with a bill that exceeds your budget or expectations. Don’t be fooled with low cost rather ask about all the upcharges to get the final price before deciding.

Know About the Countertop

If you are getting a granite countertop then you need to know about granite countertop grades. Previously mentioned low cost per square foot contractors may fit you with lower grade countertops. There are three grades of countertops commercial-grade, standard grade and premium grade so make sure you know what you are getting. Not only that, make sure that you see the whole slab of the stone before having it cut for installation and look out for any defects.

Get Written Estimates

You must not get fixated on a single granite contractor but you should interview and get estimates from multiple granite countertop installers. This will give you an idea of different companies and their approaches to the job and also get you a total estimate for the project. When you are interviewing the granite contractors, make sure that you get a written estimate from them. The main reason for this is when you go home to evaluate and decide what service to choose, it will all be within your disposal and with all the information, it will make it easier in deciding which contractor to hire.

Ask for References

Before you decide upon a countertop installation company, you must be aware of their work. In order to do that, you can ask them for references to see what they have done in the past. Before heading to the company’s office, you can visit their websites for any testimonials and reviews and see their work. Otherwise, you can also ask them in person and they will be happy to show you their work. This way, you will get an idea of how long they have been working and how your project will turn out to be.

Ask About Their Cutting Equipment

You don’t want your countertop to be ruined in the cutting process. The older equipment makes the cuts very dull and inaccurate and some companies incorporate the use of older equipment. You must interrogate about the type of machinery used and whether they have up to date equipment or not to ensure the perfectly cut countertops. This is a valid question and if a company doesn’t let you know about their machinery then you can cross them out of your list.

When you have collected the required data from countertop contractors and it is now time to decide the granite installation company then you must go with your gut feeling. The one you feel that have the right experience and can handle the job easily must be signed.

Why Granite Countertops Are The Best?

Though there are many notable countertops like marble, laminate, concrete, butcherblock, marble, and quartz counterops, but granite countertops have their importance. Let’s know why to choose granite countertops.

  1. Granite is considered the gold standard in countertops so they make an excellent impression.
  2. Natural granite countertops are unique which makes an authentic look for your kitchen.
  3. Granite is stain and heat resistant.
  4. It’s not the cheapest but considering long term, it’s a good investment.
  5. There are a lot of choices when it comes to granite because of its popularity. Visit granite contractors Rockville and you will know what we mean.