How to lower your heating bills this winter?

We always like to seek some shelter in our cosy home. But have you checked if your house even retains all the heat when the furnace cycle goes off? Often at times, the heat begins to sneak out as soon as the cycle is off. There are two possibilities. Chances are that there could be a problem with your furnace. And in this case, you will have to take help from furnace repair services. At the same time, there is also a chance that your house is not insulated properly.

In case of heat sneaks out from your house this way, your bills will automatically rise because the furnace will have to work harder to maintain the temperature. However, this is not the only thing that increases your heating bills.

Lowering your heating bills

In this article, we put together several tips that you can use to lower your heating bills this winter season. These include:

Use curtains or blinds for window insulation

In case you have south-facing windows in your home, uncover them during the sunny days. Even in winters, this would make a big difference. So do not let any blockage on your south wall.

At the same time, after the dark, cover all your windows and create a very effective yet simple insulating layer. Thick coverings are very effective in this case.

According to experts, window treatments like this may reduce the heat gain in the summer season by as much as 45%. This would lower all your air heating costs.

In case you choose dual shades that absorb heat on one end and reflect it on the other, you can reverse them to soak sun up in winter and repel heat in the summer.

Stop heating the empty sleeping house

Install a programmable thermostat. In case you are still trying to adjust your heating manually, chances are that you would often forget to turn it off when you are going on. This would result in unwanted heating costs that will you up in your utility bills.

In this regard, a thermostat would do wonders for you. By lasting for decades, a good thermostat will be able to help you in saving money daily.

While sleeping, we suggest you put the thermostat down by 10 degrees (at least). This way, you will be able to save as much as 15% of the costs.

At the home, start changing your comfort-zone habits. If you are in the 60-70F zone, then every degree will save you around 2% on the energy bill. This means that you may save as much as 10% in between 70F and 65F.

Make use of space heaters

We may think that space heaters are associated with cheaper rented rooms that we used to live in during the college years. However, today, they have come quite a long way. This is because now, they are used in a targeted way.

We are lucky that several modern heaters have a design that is very efficient as compared to their predecessors. Since they have lower utility costs, give them a go and see how much you save.

Ending note

It is quite easy to save a significant amount of money by leaving your comfort zone, and by strategically managing your air heating. Just make sure that you are investing in the furnace maintenance via competent furnace services Falls Church by getting a routine check-up. This will ensure that your equipment is working in the best shape and in the most efficient way.