How To Reduce Sun Glare While Driving

Sun glare while driving is not only annoying but extremely dangerous. According to multiple studies conducted across the globe, it has been found that sun glare is one of the most contributing factors to car accidents. This is why people use different methods like auto glass tinting to avoid mishaps. That said, we are going to share some tips that will help reduce sun glare while driving and keep you safe while traveling.

Purchase Polarized Sunglasses

Back in the day, polarized sunglasses were quite expensive. But today, different brands have introduced affordable polarized sunglasses to keep the harmful UV rays and glare at bay. These sunglasses are made using a special filter that blocks reflected light.

Therefore, apart from driving in the sun, you can also drive at night wearing glasses to prevent the bright glare from the incoming traffic.

Use The Visors

Every vehicle comes equipped with sun visors. If you cannot afford to buy a good pair of polarized sunglasses, you should use sun visors. And if the one already installed in the vehicle does not offer much protection, you should purchase an aftermarket sun visor.

Not only can you block the sun through the front windshield but also position them sideways to block the light coming from the right or left side windows. And do not worry, sun visors do not hinder the driver’s visibility.

Tint Your Car’s Windows

Another great way of reducing glare is getting the windows of your vehicle tinted. However, this part could be a bit tricky. The reason is that window tinting is strictly regulated by some countries and the local authorities keep an eye out for vehicles that are tinted over the allowed tint percentage.

This is why you need to be aware of the local laws regarding window tinting. Plus, getting the windows tinted will not only help reduce the glare but also prevent UV rays from damaging your skin as well as the interior of the vehicle.

Avoid Driving At The Brightest Hour

If nothing else works, you should simply avoid driving at the brightest hour. If you can wait until the sun settles a bit, you should opt for that. People who already struggle with visibility should wait until the brightness goes down. This could be a difficult situation for a driver, especially in rush hour traffic.

Keep Distance From Vehicles

Driving on a sunny day is tricky. Even if you are wearing sunglasses or have the windows tinted, you might still face some difficulty. Therefore, it is important that you keep a safe distance from vehicles, especially the ones in the front.

Bright light can create a lot of confusion and can affect your visibility. Sometimes, drivers even struggle to spot the car in front. Keeping a distance gives the driver some time, instead of panicking and hitting the brakes hard, which could cause the vehicles in the rear to come in contact with your vehicle.

Exit The Road

If you are traveling on the highway and notice that the brightness is gradually increasing, you should consider exiting the road. If there comes a point where your eyes begin to hurt and you struggle with visibility, you should find a safe exit and rest for a while.

Driving in such conditions will put you and your loved ones in danger. Wait until the brightness settles down and you can drive again.

Clean Your Windshield

Most people are not aware of the fact that dust, debris, and other spots make it difficult to see when the sun is shining bright. The incoming glare is increased and the driver struggles to keep the vehicle in lane, which puts other vehicles at risk as well.

This is why you should keep your windshield clean. At the same time, you should make sure that the wipers and washer pumps are working perfectly. If the wipers are not able to remove excess water and spots, you should replace them before hitting the road.

Final Word

In the end, reducing glare is more about using common sense. Use one or more of the above-mentioned methods to reduce glare to ensure safe driving on a bright day. Most importantly, visit a car window tinting shop Springfield soon to get your car windows tinted.