Important things to know before getting keratin treatment

Summer may have ended and winter has begun. However, this does not really mean that all the damage that was done due to humidity has necessarily been recovered. As a result of this, a big number of people may be considering a keratin treatment by hair stylist. For many women, getting frizz-free and smoother hair would be no less than a dream come true. However, for other women, keratin treatments are no less than a big confusion.

Perhaps, the biggest confusion regarding keratin treatments is that they include a number of different formulas, results, and application processes. Some even include formaldehyde. Well, yes you read that right! 

What should you know about keratin treatment?

Well, to be fair, the word ‘keratin treatment’ can be misleading sometimes. This is because the prime ingredients in this hair treatment are ammonium thioglycolate along with sodium hydroxide. However, since they are difficult to pronounce by most people, we just call it ‘keratin treatment’. 

Keratin, itself, is a protein that makes up the human hair. Furthermore, some other ingredients that are used in this treatment include methylene glycol, along with formalin. These release formaldehydes when you mix them with water. At the end of the process, a flatiron with high heat is used. This accelerates the process of cross-linking of bonds. 

Before washing the hair, some treatments also require you to wait a little. This allows the cross linking to set fully. Though, where a strong concentration of formaldehyde is used, you can wash your hair immediately. 

Ventilation is important 

Formaldehyde, in small doses is also found in synthetic fabrics, smog, tobacco, carpets, plywood, and smog. It is important to note that formaldehyde is very corrosive. However, this is not really the most hazardous thing. 

It is further linked with brain cancers and nasal issues. Possibly, it could also result in leukemia. This is in accordance with the National cancer institute. So before getting keratin treatment that includes formaldehyde, make sure that there is proper ventilation. 

Can you use formaldehyde free solutions to straighten the hair? 

Well, if your hair has curls and you want to straighten them, then keratin treatment without formaldehyde will not really help. Those treatments that do not include formaldehyde will simply provide a coating to the hair strands. This coating will make the hair smoother but not straight. Moreover, the effect will also be rather temporary, and lesser in extent. 

In order to change the entire texture of the hair, a rather powerful chemical will be needed for all the cross-linking. In truth, regardless of your hair type and your end goals, chances are that there is a suitable formula out there for you. 

Without a doubt, though, most of the keratin treatments that have long-lasting and straighter results will include formaldehyde. So in case you want more curl and body, a formula that does not include formaldehyde will be the best option. However, if you want to straighten those thick curls, consider going with a formaldehyde solution. At the same time, if you are choosing the latter, you must also stay aware of all the possible dangers that you can face due to the formaldehyde. 

Ending note 

Well, keratin treatments are not for everyone. However, for some people, they may be no less than a huge blessing. In order to further figure out whether you should get this treatment or not, visit a keratin treatments salon and look for professional advice. Based on your hair type, a keratin specialist will be able to address all of your concerns. Ultimately, remember that the long-term health of your hair matters the most. Hypno