Is It Safe To Drink Raw Water

Raw water is also known more commonly as unfiltered water. Unfiltered water is not safe to drink at all and homeowners should consider installing a water filter or using a bottled water home delivery service. and here’s everything you need to know about it.

It Has Metals In It

One of the biggest drawbacks of raw or unfiltered water is that it contains a lot of heavy and dangerous metals in it. These metals impart a weird taste and color to the water and they can also take a toll on your body.

These metals can lead to an overload of minerals and toxins in the body and they can also cause serious health problems. Metals like lead and uranium, which are radioactive in nature, can cause serious problems in the body and can lead to a lot of abnormalities in the physiological dynamics of human beings, so raw water is risky to drink.

Bacteria Is Present

Unfiltered raw water can be the breeding ground for a lot of microorganisms and bacteria. Microorganisms like E. Coli, dengue, tetanus, typhoid, and hepatitis can be present in dirty and raw water and they can go into your body and cause diseases like hepatitis A and C, stomach issues, and even high-grade fever.

Another very common disease that can occur when you drink dirty water is diarrhea. Diarrhea is a serious medical condition because it can cause severe dehydration and if the body is not rehydrated in time, it can lead to organ failure and death.

It May Be Dirty

Raw water is not filtered, so there might be a plethora of dirt present in it. It is not only weird to look at, but it is essentially undrinkable. You can’t drink water that has suspended dirt and particles in it, because it will be extremely unpleasant in taste and it will also have detrimental effects on the body.

This is why it is preferred to filter the water first and get rid of any types of particles and dirt present in it. Then, it is deemed safe for drinking. Dirty water is also not good to use for non-drinking purposes, because it will eventually make everything dirty.

Can Be Used For Non-Drinking Purposes

If the water doesn’t have dirt or isn’t murky in color, then you can definitely use this water in case of emergencies, for non-drinking purposes only. You can use it to wash certain things like dishes, clothes, and around the house, but it is not safe for drinking, so you need to keep this thought in mind. You can use this water for drinking if you boil it.

Boiling will get rid of the germs and microorganisms in the water and it will also get rid of some of the heavy components, making it safe for drinking.

Water Can Be Hard

Another problem with raw water is that you don’t know whether it can be hard or not. Hard water is basically water that has excess calcium and magnesium ions in it. It causes the water to stop making lather, no matter how much soap you use and it can also leave white and yellow scales-like patches on anything which comes in contact with the water.

Hard water is not drinkable at all and it is safe to say that it can’t be used for normal things around the house either because it won’t clean anything.

Use Filters To Make It Potable

If you have raw water coming through your taps, then you might want to install some sort of water filters to get rid of the water impurities mentioned above.

There are many types of filters that are available for removing different impurities. There are cylindrical filters that can remove sand and other particles. Then, you can use carbon filters to remove dirt and murkiness from the water. UV filters are great for killing any bacteria or microorganisms in your water. Chlorine is a great way to get rid of impurities in the water without imparting a weird taste.


There you have it! It’s best to always purify the water before even thinking about consuming it, otherwise, it can have detrimental effects on the body. You can use many types of water filters or get pure water delivered by a drinking water delivery service Meadville.