Pros And Cons Of Wool Rugs

When you consider rugs your floor, color, design pattern, and aesthetics are probably your first few thoughts. You obviously want something that looks good. But that’s not the only thing you need. When it comes to carpeting, you need a complete package. Choose something beautiful, durable, and worth the money spent. Wool rugs are the top choice that can withstand the test of years. You can traditional and tribal rugs made of wool.

Moreover, thinking about all the beneficial requirements, there’s no better option than wool rugs. Stick around to read more about the pros and cons of wool rugs.

Pros Of Wool Rugs

Durability And Flexibility

Wool is a natural fiber. And when it comes to standing the test of time, carpeting a wool rug will be a win-win for you. It stays the same for years or even decades. A well-maintained wool rug retains its color, comfort, and same springy appearance.

Also, its fibers are kind of elastic springs. And they recover their original shape even heavy foot traffic areas of your house or when heavy furniture is moved. Even a decade older wool rug will come back to its original fluff after being sucked with the vacuum.

Stain Resistance

When it comes to cleaning, wool is easy to clean, especially in water-based spills and stains. Wool fibers have a waxy barrier around them that resists immediate water absorption. So, if you clean the water stains instantly, it will be easy for you.

It Doesn’t Support Fire

Wool will catch fire, but it doesn’t support fire. It’s a natural fire repellent. It is due to the water-retaining capacity of the wool. So, even if a cigarette, matchstick, or a fire spark falls on the wool rug, wool will act as a self-extinguisher.  As a result, the damage will be minor as compared to the synthetic carpets.

An Effective Filter

That’s a secret perk of wool. It filters chemicals in your environment, such as nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde. So, it’s a good choice around fireplaces, stoves, and heaters.

Perfect For All Seasons

Wool is warm, calm, and comfy. It can absorb water when the air is humid and can release water when the air is dry. This quality of wool makes it a perfect choice for your home.

Cons Of Wool Rugs


The primary downside that makes many steps back from choosing a wool rug is the price. Wool is quite expensive as compared to other carpeting options. Well, it is the most premium option and so is costly for a good reason.

The price of wool area rugs varies depending on your area and wool rug origin. But, on average, wool costs double the amount a synthetic carpet will.

Cleaning Issues

As mentioned before, wool is easy to clean, but only when done immediately. Otherwise, once the stains get absorbed, they’re hard to clean. Worth mentioning is the dye-based and greasy stains.

Wool makes a strong bond with the dye. And that’s the reason a wool rug stays as vibrant as a newly installed one, even after decades. So, when a color-based stain gets absorbed, it isn’t going easily. And the stain may remain there permanently. The same is the case with oily stains.

Resultantly, DIY cleaning methods and rental equipment are not going to help. You surely need some professional assistance.

Insect Attack

Sadly, as high-quality as wool is, it is prone to insect attack. Moth and carpet beetle larvae feed on wool. And if this issue is overlooked, carpet moth will permanently damage the wool rug.

To prevent the insect attack, you need to spray an insecticide over it, such as Permethrin. Even though it is a chemical compound, it is approved by WHO for being safe for the environment and humans.

It’s A NO-NO Near Damp Places

Even though wool doesn’t get wet until a considerable amount of water is absorbed by it. But it is also a water absorber and is hydrophilic from the core. So, once water gets inside, it is difficult to remove. And that is why wool rugs are not ideal near damp places.


There’s no doubt, wool is a premium choice, and its pros outweigh its cons. But, choosing a rug depends upon your area, budget, and space. So, install whatever kind of rug that suits your requirements. Make sure to buy from reliable Persian rug stores Alexandria to get genuine wool rugs.