Reasons to get proper sleep every night

We all are able to pull off successful all-nighters before an exam or a presentation or any important deadline. However, as much as we like to put off our work till the last day and complete it in a single night, staying up all night can be extremely dangerous for your health. Often at times, such habits turn into sleep disorders that require the help of sleep services.

Not only lack of sleep messes with your mood, concentration level and thinking abilities, but it causes other issues overtime. Most people do not understand the health risks of sleep deprivation and they choose to survive their day on a cup of coffee. This is why it is extremely important to realize what benefits proper sleep will give you that lack of sleep will end up depriving you of.

The benefits of getting proper sleep

This article is aimed at educating people about the benefits of proper sleep.

It keeps your heart healthy

Lack of sleep can cause various heart issues. Your blood pressure is low while you are asleep. Lack of proper sleep causes high blood pressure because your body is not getting any rest. This leads to heart diseases. We often assume that sleep deprivation only leads to a cranky mood and a lazy day. But it can lead to dangerous, long term health problems.

It boosts your mood and makes the brain sharper

This is one of the most obvious benefits of proper sleep. Lack of sleep makes you cranky. Similarly, proper sleep boosts your mood. The reason why you seem confused and less focused after a sleepless night is because you have not given your brain a break to process all its emotions. When the brain is deprived of that break, it tends to act more confused, inducing negative emotions and responses to a given situation.

This is why lack of sleep makes you cranky and confused. Notice how when you sleep well, you are able to think more logically and understand things better. This goes especially for students when they go to class after getting proper sleep. Your brain also tends to have trouble recalling things when you are sleep deprived.

Which is also why you do not tend to remember what you learned in class if you were sleepy, because your brain is neither focusing nor retaining on to the little information that you are processing. Proper sleep makes the brains sharper and consequently, you learn better.

You feel more energetic and less lazy

We have discussed how sleep deprivation affects the brain and its mental capacity. However, proper sleep also tends to have great effects on the human body physically. Not only do people feel more attentive and focused after a good night’s sleep, but they also feel energetic and motivated physically.

You are likely to be lazier and more deprived of energy and strength when you are sleep deprived. This is because when you sleep, your body and muscles get the proper rest they require. Your muscles require this time to repair itself. With proper sleep, your body will have more energy to do physical labor. This is especially a great tip if you are into sports. Proper sleep benefits both your mental and physical well being.


These are only some of the benefits proper sleep has. In reality, there are many more. Proper sleep controls our weight, helps us fight germs, keeps our blood glucose steady and much more. A person on average should sleep 8 hours a night. Sleeping more than 9 hours is just as harmful as sleeping less than the required time. It is important to make sure that you are getting a proper 7 to 8 hours of sleep, not less and not more. If you suspect that there is an underlying issue that prevents you from sleeping properly, reach out to a sleep center today!