Top 5 Ways You Can Identify A Qualified BMW Mechanic

In a world of cars, the name of BMW has value. Not everyone can afford the luxurious BMW along with its smooth ride.

The problem lies in finding able mechanics for the job. You know, the problem: ‘fix my BMW’. There are very few people in the world who will charge decent amount of money for quality BMW service.

Check out the article to find quality authorized BMW repair shops.

  1. BMW Training

To identify a good BMW mechanic, he must be certified. BMW has a program known as BMW STEP (Service Technician Education Program). In that program, a person has to work a minimum of five years on BMW vehicles, inside a BMW approved environment.

Although this is not master level certification, yet these people take pride in themselves as being the certified ones who can work very efficiently on your BMW vehicle.

Visit these authorized BMW repair shops to fix your vehicle.

  1. BMW Tools Vs Ordinary Tools

Talking about past, it is highly likely that you went to a general mechanic and he messed up your car. This is because BMW requires more than a typical OBDII scanner.

If the hardware and software is not specific, it won’t perfectly apply to your car. Common examples include ‘ISIS’, ‘GT1’ and ‘SSS’.

Also, general auto shops do not have genuine BMW parts. While you may get sub-standard parts cheap, there is no guarantee of their quality. Who knows, they may become faulty after a month and cost you more bucks than you originally wanted to save on a cheaper model.

  1. Reviews Are Important

Depending upon your good luck, there might be one or two skilled BMW experts living inside your area. But you don’t know them and even if some garage is stating “Quality BMW service”, would you just take a leap of faith and check it out?

A good tip is to visit BimmerShops. The website hosts independent reviews which help people who want to visit BMW repair shops. It’s a good answer to ‘fix my BMW’.

Similarly, another quality website is BMWdrivers.

If both of them fail, there’s always option number 3. Inquire with your local BMW CCA chapter.

  1. Professional Associations

People dealing with BMW repair shops will exhibit membership affiliations with professional organizations. Some of these groups are mentioned below:

  • ASE – Automotive Service Excellence
  • ASA – Automotive Service Association

Some of the organizations such as BIMRS accept only the most specialized BMW experts.

  1. Last Option

If service is urgent and you really want to check out the new shop, have a talk with their staff. A quality BMW service shop will have a friendly and knowledgeable staff which will help and guide you through the process. If they are shallow, you will feel a change in their vocal and body language.

To know about their work, simply bring your car for a minor scheduled service. If they steadily fix it up, it is all good. You can give them the harder task then.

Until then, first priority should always be to scout out authorized BMW repair shops.