Top reasons to get hair extensions

Are you considering going to a hair extensions salon but not sure of it is worth working taking the plunge? We are here to help you making that decision. We all know they are great for volume and making hair look long. But they are also a fantastic way to hide a bad haircut. You can also experiment different hair colors with no damage.

Top 10 reasons to wear hair extension

Here are top reasons why we think hair extensions are worth investing in!


It is very frustrating when your hair does not grow past a certain point. If this sounds like an issue you are experiencing, then hair extensions are the perfect solution. That long hair you have been dreaming of can be achieved easily in matter of minutes.

Haircut regret

We all have experienced bad haircuts n life. Long hair extensions are solution to your short-trimmed hair. Clip-in hair extensions will not hinder hair growth, so it is best alternative to rocking longer locks while waiting for your real hair to grow out.


Have you ever wanted to experiment with different hair colors, but you are worried it may look bad? Or you are afraid of hair getting damaged. These thoughts are reasonable. However, hair extensions make this process simple and easy for you. You can play with different colors or add highlights you always wanted. You can get it all without having to worry about long-term commitment or causing damage to hair. Another benefit of hair extension is that if you do not like the results you can always take them out of your hair. No irritation!


If you are suffering from hair loss or have thin hair, hair extensions are there to help you.  Hair loss reduce your confidence and make you depress, but you can change it anytime you want to. Hair extensions are great resource for getting back that hair volume you once had. Many of them such as hot fusion extensions make use of a keratin glue that does not damage the hair.

Going from thin to thick

If you always wanted to have extra thin hair, look no further. Hair extensions help you achieve extra volume you have always dreamt of. Different type of hair extensions is designed, such as 120g, 160g and 220g. 120g is planned for those people who have fine hair but not enough of it. 160g sets are designed for medium thick hair, it does maintain your natural look. 220g are designed for those who want a more dramatic voluminous effect.

Look changer

Hair extensions instantly make any hair style more beautiful. With more voluminous hair you can make any simple braid, bun or ponytail intricate. You do not need to use entire set of extension; few wefts can do wonders.


Another way to use your hair extensions is to use them as accessories in your hair. For instance, by braiding 3-clip weft. You can create a braid headband that will be perfect for summer festivals.

Special occasions

Hair extensions are always great way to spice up your look for a wedding ceremony or graduation day. Achieve those dreamy voluminous curls for your big day. You can get long luscious locks for your prom night. Hair extensions will hep you reach those hair goals you have been envying.

No damage

Yes, that is right! One of the best things about hair extensions is that it causes no damage to your hair. Clip-in hair extensions are always the best option to go for. Unlike other alternatives like tape-ins and bonding which can prevent your hair growth.

Ending note

Let’s be honest! Do you think it is okay to get up early every morning and put too much efforts to style your hair? You can get yourself hair extensions and sleep for more 30 minutes. It takes literally no time to clip in some removable extensions. With them, you can always save time trying to look good.In case you want a more long-term look, you can always get alternative hair extensions in Salon Potomac.