What Are The Disadvantages Of Installing Fiberglass Pools

If you’re considering an in-ground pool installation, you have three materials to choose from: concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass. You may have heard many benefits of fiberglass pools such as they are cost effective, durable, faster to install, low-maintenance, smooth surface, and more, but you should also know the disadvantages of fiberglass pools before going to swimming pool builders.

Limited Designs

Fiberglass pools are prefabricated. A manufacturer you choose will show you different designs of fiberglass pools they make and you have to choose one design from them. You can’t ask for customizations.

The reason is that pool manufacturers make molds for each fiberglass pool design and the molds are costly. So, one mold is used to make hundreds of pools. If you want customizations that aren’t in the design, they will have to make a new mold. But considering the cost of the mold, it’s not practical to make a new mold for each customer.

Their Width Is Limited To 16 Feet

Another restriction that comes with making and transporting a whole prefabricated pool is the width limit. Fiberglass pools can be no more that 16 feet wide. The reason is that a truck’s load of 8.5 to 16 feet is considered an overload and the transporter has to acquire permits and follow the rules.

However, if the load is wider than 16 feet, it’s in the superload category. It requires extra permissions, rules, and costs. So, all manufacturers keep the width of fiberglass pools to 16 feet or less.

Having said that, many homeowners looking to install fiberglass pools won’t be bothered by the limit because they may need a pool that’s less than 16 feet wide.

Fiberglass Pools Should Be Installed By Professionals

DIY installation of fiberglass pools is possible but not recommended by manufacturers because they are harder to install compared to vinyl liner pools.

Poor installation directly impacts the life of your fiberglass pool so the money you may save by installing the pool yourself isn’t worth the risk of decreased pool life.

The Surface Can Get Bubbles

Small bubbles on the surface of fiberglass pools are a problem for homeowners and manufacturers alike. These bubbles are called osmotic blisters. They are formed when a very small amount of water gets trapped under the gel coat layer of the pool.

While these bubbles are not a threat to your fiberglass pool’s structure, they compromise the finish and attractiveness of the pool.

Fiberglass Pools Can’t Be Resurfaced

If you maintain your fiberglass pool well, you may never need to resurface it. But it should be noted that if it needs resurfacing, you can resurface small portions of the pool, but resurfacing the entire pool is neither possible nor practical.

Applying the gel coat of a fiberglass pool requires a certain temperature for curing in a controlled environment. This is only possible in factories where the pool is made but not when it’s installed on a property.

Poor Installation Can Reduce The Pools Life

Fiberglass pools come as a ready-made shell. You require an experienced installer to ensure problem installation following the best practices. For example, fiberglass pools need backfilling with sand and pea gravel for their support. If the installer uses only sand, it might lead to bulges on the pool surface. Moreover, sand might settle several inches over time and put pressure on the plumbing installed under it.

Additionally, if the bracing is inaccurate, it can lead to the collapse of a pool wall. Wrong leveling methods can also lead to a disaster.

On top of that, fiberglass pools are heavy and require professionals for moving and installing. Any mistake can result in cracks and leaks.

Alkaline Water Can Damage The Gel Coating

The get coating on the fiberglass pool’s surface protects the materials and gives you the smoothness you desire, but it requires care on your part as well. If the water in your pool is too alkaline, it can damage the gel coating. Not only that, improper calcium levels can damage the surface of your fiberglass pool as well. So, maintaining the pH level of your pool is critical.


Fiberglass pools have many benefits but they also come with some disadvantages. If you want to install a fiberglass pool in your home, get experienced pool contractors Long Island on board to complete the whole project without any mistakes.