What Are The Reasons Of Shoulder Pain Without Injury

Shoulder pain can be very uncomfortable, but did you know that not all shoulder pains are caused by injuries? They can just be radiating pains or there might be something internally wrong with your shoulder or bone. Even without any injury, you may need to see a shoulder surgeon for shoulder pain. To find out more, keep on reading.

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a real thing and it can be quite painful if you don’t get to the bottom of the problem. Sometimes, people who seldom use their shoulders, could experience complete locking of the shoulder and they are unable to raise their arms up completely. This happens because the bones are frozen and they are unable to move because they are locked in one place. The main reason for this problem is not moving your body or shoulders too much. When you do try to move a frozen shoulder, it causes excruciating pain and you are unable to move it up after a certain elevation.


Arthritis is a very common bone problem and this can cause a lot of pains in the joints and other parts of the body. The shoulders are no exception. Arthritis is mainly the inflammation or the swelling of a joint. Shoulder joints are also very commonly found swollen and this can cause a lot of pain when you try to move your shoulder too much.

Arthritis is of two types. One is osteoarthritis, where the bones become very brittle and almost porous, to the point where a small and slight impact is enough to severely injure the bone, or worse, break it. Another type of arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis. This is an autoimmune disorder, which also causes a lot of other problems in the body. This is when your body turns against your immune system and makes you sick on purpose.

Swelling In The Shoulder Area

Swelling is also a very common thing which can cause a lot of pain in the shoulder. This swelling can be accompanied by arthritis or some other type of bone disorder. Regardless, the bone will touch the swollen part of the joint and it will shoot pain all throughout your body. The best way to tone down the swelling is to ice it and do some light stretching with the joints, as this will help you get rid of the swelling as well as the pain.


Osteoarthritis was mentioned slightly above. Being an autoimmune disorder, it also affects the lining of the joints and when the lining of the joints is compromised, it can cause a lot of friction when the joint and bones move and this will lead to a lot of pain in the shoulder. This is a very serious condition and it should be looked at right away.


Your body, when it moves, can produce a lot of friction between the bones, but it doesn’t because of small fluid filled sacs called Bursae. These small sacs are responsible for keeping the movement slick between the bones and therefore, there are no difficulties in moving the bones. However, these sacs can get punctured and then this can give rise to problems.

This condition, where the Bursae bursts and no longer provides the lubrication between the bones, is termed as bursitis. This can cause a lot of pain, especially when you try to move your shoulder or arm too much.

Rotator Cuff Pains

Rotator cuff, as the name suggests, is the mechanism of bones and cartilages that is responsible for making the bones of the shoulder move and rotate at any angle and in any orientation. These cuffs can also become dislocated, because of any wrong movement, and this can cause a lot of pain as well as limitations in the movement of shoulders.

This is a huge problem and in worse cases, your arm and its movement might also be compromised. You want to get this checked as soon as possible, because delaying it will only make matters worse for you.


There you have it! Now you know some of the very different kinds of shoulder problems which are not the result of an injury. If you’re experiencing shoulder pain, visit an orthopedic surgeon Woodbridge immediately for diagnosis.