What Temperature Should A Restaurant Fridge And Walk-In Refrigerator Be

Just buying a refrigerator is not enough to keep all of your perishables safe and away from rotting. You have to actually turn the thing on and set it on the right temperature to keep all of your things safe and also take care of commercial refrigerators repairs frequently. This is even more true when you have a walk-in commercial refrigerator for your business. There are many regulations in the food industry which you will have to follow. Setting the wrong temperature to start perishable items can change the way they look and taste.

The main purpose of using a refrigerator for food storage means that the refrigerator will keep the perishable food safe for a longer period of time. On the other hand, a freezer is used to completely stop the growth of bacteria by freezing your food. Ideally, commercial refrigerators are used at 36-45F depending on the type of food they are storing. Set the refrigerator on too low a temperature and you risk freezing the items that shouldn’t be frozen. Additionally, storing these items at above 45 Fahrenheit can cause them to spoil rather quickly. FDA requires that you must keep perishable items at 41F or lower temperature for the best results.

The Ideal Temperature For Refrigerators

As a rule of thumb, 38F is considered as the ideal temperature for commercial refrigerators. On the other hand, freezers are used to keep food at much lower temperatures. However, since there are lots of different sizes and models of commercial refrigerators available in the market, it can be difficult for you to know the ideal stable temperature for your commercial refrigerator. But keep in mind that temperature is below 36F can cause a majority of food items to start freezing, which can cause their taste and parents to change.

Moreover, the thermometers used inside commercial freezers are usually placed near their door, and that is why the temperature readings can fluctuate depending on the current usage of your commercial refrigerator. This type of error can cause you to have your knowledge of your refrigerator’s actual performance. That is why you should consider all the different factors like these when setting the right temperature for your commercial refrigerator.

Best Practices

To keep the temperature of your commercial refrigerator adjusted according to your needs, you should keep recording the temperature multiple times throughout the day. There are also many automated temperature regulation mechanisms available in the market which you can install in your commercial refrigerator to keep getting alerts according to the latest statistics from your refrigerator. Automating the whole process will save you a lot of time and effort, and will allow you to monitor your refrigerator from anywhere.

The Importance Of Setting The Right Refrigerator Temperature

Setting the right temperature on your commercial refrigerator is a must because most of the perishable foods are highly reactive to temperature changes. However, the type of fridge and its size you use in your commercial process also determines the right temperature you should set to keep your food safe from spoiling. Usually, the freezer you invest in will already come with the right temperature settings mentioned on the booklet provided to you by the manufacturer.

Moreover, the temperature you said in your commercial refrigerator will take some time to stabilize depending on the size and model of the refrigerator you are using. Bigger refrigerators take more time to achieve the temperature you set. So, when setting the temperature of your refrigerator, leave it as it is for a day after adjusting the temperature, and then store the food after checking its temperature.

One of the main issues with commercial refrigerators is that their doors need to be opened multiple times in a day, and this causes their temperature to significantly increase.

First of all, the thermostats in most commercial refrigerators are located near their doors, so, if you are seeing any temperature fluctuations in the refrigerator, you should shut the door, and should wait for at least 15 to 30 minutes before adjusting the temperature accordingly.


This is how you can set the temperature of your commercial refrigerator in the right way. You can also call commercial refrigerator services Northern VA if you are having any troubles setting up the temperature of your commercial refrigerator.