What To Consider Before Doing A Bathroom Remodel

Who wouldn’t like to remodel their bathroom and add trendy accessories and materials to the mix? But before you can enjoy a beautiful remodeled bathroom, you need planning. If things aren’t planned, the remodel may end up too costly or too time consuming. So, follow below for things to consider before going ahead with bathroom remodeling.

Visualizing And Planning

This is the first step. This could be the time you considered a bathroom remodel. You might have some ideas in your mind on how the remodeled bathroom should look. You can also browse the internet for inspiration. Try to find a design or multiple designs that you want to have and would work for you. Discuss it with your family members who are living in the house with you.

Budget Planning

Your whole bathroom depends on the budget. You should evaluate how much you want to spend on the remodel. When a budget is set, it would become easier for you decide which materials and items to include in the renovation. Moreover, keep in mind the cost of labor as well.

Hiring A The Right People

You might need to hire an architect and a contractor for your remodel. You will share your ideas with them and they will give a design of the bathroom. They may remind you things that are important to include and provide designs that have best use of available space.

The contractor would help you choose the right materials for your bathroom remodel and give you a rough estimate of the cost of the whole renovation project.

Cost Of The Bathroom Remodel

When you get a cost estimate, you can shrink the size and features or add up more items looking at your budget.

For trimming down the cost, you should first consider different materials instead of removing a bathroom feature or item. Because choosing a cost-effective material may decrease the overall cost of the project without removing a feature. If you have another renovation in coming years, you can add cheaper materials that are easy to upgrade later. Similarly, you can leave space for things you want to add in the future.

Sequence Of Work

If work is done in a specific sequence, the time consumption can be lessened. Experienced contractors always work in the sequence that saves times so getting the advice of your contractor is paramount.

A general rule of renovation is that you should always start from the top of the room. Work down from ceiling to walls, and then from walls to floor.

Don’t Underestimate Hidden Problems

During a bathroom remodel, many times a hidden problem arises and increases the project cost and time. You might face old corroded plumbing, improperly vented plumbing, and water damage. This is why most contractor recommend a full update when remolding a bathroom. This ensures that all the hidden problems are also addressed.


Changing the fixtures can immediately change the overall look of your bathroom. During a remodel, you would want to change faucets, cabinet pulls, tower racks, drawer pulls, and door handles. Plus, consider upgrade or replacement of shower doors. If you can spare some money, consider having new shower doors.

Walls And Flooring

Your contractor will tell you that you can use any non-porous material for your walls and flooring. Most common and durable surfaces for bathroom flooring and walls are marble and ceramic tiles. For flooring, you can also consider sheet vinyl or vinyl tiles. These two options are cheap but look really good. Make sure to choose a floor that doesn’t cause a lot of slipping.


You goal should be to have lighting in your bathroom that bright up everything but also add an atmosphere. But before you choose a lighting, your remodel should promote natural light. After this, light up your bathroom with 4 watts of lighting per square foot.


Cost is a vital factor of your bathroom remodel project so have a design that corresponds well with your budget. You would want to add up may things that’s why preparing a budget is important. Furthermore, select the right bathroom remodeling contractors Silver Spring as they will renovate your bathroom at the right cost and on time. A good contractor will also help you choose the right materials and fixtures.