What to Consider When Hiring a HVAC Technician

The majority of homeowners are going to look for HVAC technician assistance to repair the cooling and heating systems of their homes. This happens to anyone who owns an HVAC and the technicians are specially trained to install, maintain, and do HVAC repairs.

All you need to know about HVAC companies

All of the HVAC companies will tell you that it is a must to have a technician do maintenance for you because their product will last longer if you treat it well. If it is your 1st time to own an HVAC, you are in luck because you will find in this post the considerations you need to make before hiring a technician.

Tips for hiring HVAC technicians

Make sure to look for the following:

Experience and Licensing

The HVAC system must be one of the most expensive equipment you own, and of you want assurance that the one who will handle it is properly trained. There are HVAC technicians who come from a company that makes licensing for their contractors necessary. For a contractor to get a license, he needs to have 5 years of experience before applying for a license. Moreover, a company should be able to contain a minimum bonding and insurance level. The purpose of the insurance is to protect homeowners if there is injury or damage caused by accident.

Ask About Credentials

It is true that the major requirements are license and bonds, but you also have to make sure that the HVAC technician you are choosing has all permits to perform the job legally. Find out where they got their experience with maintenance from, how long they have been doing repair and replacement jobs to avoid future conflict or technical issues of air conditioner maintenance with the contractor. You should do a lot of research if there is a contractor who specializes in the brand and model that you own. An ideal contractor for you is someone who will guide you about maintenance process. After some time, you will save a lot of money if you already know how to service your HVAC system.

Good References

A word of mouth is usually a very reliable way of finding an HVAC technician you can trust. For instance, if a technician does not come with strong references, look for someone else. If you have heard a lot of good things about this certain technician, contact them right away because you already feel confident about choosing them. In case your friends or family cannot give you a referral, ask for a list of references from the technician and call them up. You want to know from someone else if this technician works great.

Home Evaluation

If you are thinking about buying an HVAC system, potential contractors can offer a good home evaluation to know what the best solution for you is in cooling and heating your home. The factors to be considered are square footage, insulation R-value, number of windows your home has and which way they are facing. The contractors should perform an inspection of the duct system if there are leaks, insulation and loose segments. The new system’s sizing should not be based on the square footage only. Instead, it should be on calculations given by data that is being given to the industry software called “Manuals J, S, and D.” J is for determining the cooling and heating loads, S is for the equipment, and D is for the ductwork.

After the evaluation is finished, the contractor should present to you an itemized estimate that has been written down so that you can do cost comparison, warranties, and how energy efficient will it be. Do not for a low price right away because it also depends on the climate in your area. For instance, a furnace with better quality might be more expensive because it uses less fuel as time goes by.

The Price

Remember that if the contractor is inexperienced, it will give you bargained price so this should not be your 1st consideration. Choose someone with the right credentials and experience but will not overcharge you. Talk to several technicians with the same credentials and price then decide.

After you already know what to consider, contact HVAC companies VA to get what you need.