Will culture be eroded in the wake of globalization?

If somebody asks you what globalization is all about, you can answer it in a simple way that globalization can be considered as the way people increase their interaction with each other through the increases of global transfer and flow of money, culture and ideas. And when globalization affects culture, it can be called as cultural globalization.

The rapid movement of ideas, meanings, attitudes and values across national and international borders are adding fuel to globalization. In one way or the other local cultural lifestyles, tastes and everyday activities of all kinds of people may be moving towards finding a common track giving rise to globalization. When local culture is affected by a more dominant and proven superior culture, the local culture may get eroded. The following things also play a major part in boosting globalization.


Whenever we talk about the changes in culture and globalization, migration can be considered an important factor which affects both culture and globalization. It complements the fact that world now is moving towards finding a common culture that could be adopted by anyone in the world. It is also noted that rise in technology and easy and cheaper means of technology driven communication platforms have dramatically helped in intensifying globalization.

Food globalization

The spread of global fast food giants like McDonalds, KFC and Coca-cola are all examples of how globalization is taking on the food sector as well. Although it is good to explore different food options, we should also look into the fact that local culture is also getting affected in the process. The local diet, traditions and eating habits have declined due to the introduction of food corporations.

Globalization of sport

Globalization of sport is another classic example of globalization. Global sporting events like Olympics, world cup and formula one are binding together millions from around the world. Many sports that were played only in some countries also have go takers and admirers in different parts of the world.

Global consciousness

Another interesting way the culture is getting eroded through globalization is how families and individuals are getting more directly involved in listening to news and events from the outside world rather than sticking on with local happenings. Television reporting and press is also looking into ways in creating content for a global audience rather than creating some interesting content that will please the local audience. The invention of internet and social media platforms have also acted as a catalyst in this transition.