10 Half Bath Remodeling Ideas That Are Worth The Money

Half bathrooms and powder rooms are a perfect way to explore your creativity and even go a bit further. If you want to spice up your existing half bath, then these bathroom remodel ideas are worth considering.

Dress Up The Walls

Half baths are really small, because they really only have a sink and a toilet, with some space to walk around, but there’s a lot you can do to dress up the bathroom, to make it look welcoming and stylish. One of those ways is by adding wallpaper to the bathroom walls.

These bathrooms really don’t need expensive tiling to look great; you can get away with sticking quirky wallpaper all over the walls and that’s going to elevate the look of your space and make it look very unique and set this part of your house apart from the others.

Incorporate Lighting

Since a half bath is pretty small, and you only have a window or two, at most, to work with, it’s important that you think about the lighting and how you can make the space look well-lit and illuminated.

If you want to add that extra element of décor, then try to go for hanging lights, as they can look like a prop and they’ll get the job done too. There are hundreds and thousands of lighting fixtures available. You will definitely find something that goes with your bathroom.

Have Fun With The Fixtures

A half bath is a place where you can go crazy with everything. It doesn’t need to have that clean and minimal feel, and it’s going to be a breath of fresh air for you and the guests to walk into. Sink fixtures can be chosen accordingly and you can have fun with various designs and colors, to add more character to this bathroom.

Since you don’t have a lot to work with, changing small things up like sink and tap fixtures, is going to elevate the look of the space and you’ll fall in love with the end result. Sometimes, “plain and minimal” can get overbearing and you need that kick of style in your bathroom to make a stark difference.

Go For Contrasting Colors

There’s just something so beautiful and futuristic about selecting contrasting colors for a half bath. It doesn’t look harsh at all and it transforms the space into something so much better.

The best color combination you can go for, if you’re considering contrast, is black and white; which is a classic option and doesn’t ever go out of style. There’s also a combination of dark and neutral colors and that’s going to add a mix of warmth and edginess to your bathroom.

If you want to play with color a bit more, then you can go for a combination of bright colors with a very neutral one and they’re going to balance each other out beautifully. For example, you can go for a cream and dark green color combination and that’s going to look heavenly in a half bath. There are a lot of color combinations that you can play with and make your bathroom look amazing.

Make It Cozy

Coziness never sounded this good! Remodeling is the perfect time to add that warmth and coziness to the space that you’re craving. Mostly, bathrooms are known for being bright and stark, but there’s just something so welcoming about a cozy bathroom.

You’ll want to select warm colors when it comes to bathroom fixtures, wallpaper, and even lighting. Adding that necessary warmth to the space will transform a half bath into a sauna and it looks and feels almost exotic. You can even go for rustic sinks and toilets to add to that cozy, cabin-like appeal and everyone will definitely turn their heads when they take one look at your remodeled bathroom. It should be done right so use the services of expert bathroom remodelers.

Mirrors As Accents

Mirrors are a must in the bathroom, even in a half bath, but what you can do, to make the space look even more beautiful and unique, is to go for stylish mirrors that look like art on a wall. There are a lot of mirror options for you to choose from and there are quirky and edgy designs available as well, and those are the mirrors you want to go for because they’re going to do two things.

First, they can be very well used as regular mirrors and you can see your reflection clearly, and secondly, the edgy and abstract design will act as a décor and you won’t have to do anything else to dress up your boring wall.

Go Crazy

There’s no right or wrong way to decorate a half bath. It’s a space where you can let your creativity and ideas run free during the bathroom makeover. There are tons of décor ideas for a half bath and they include adding wall art, hanging small pictures and artwork all over the walls, having small décor pieces scattered on the vanity and sink and the list goes on.

This is the one place where you don’t have to worry about keeping things “minimal” and you can let your crazy creative side come out.

Keep Everything Organized

No matter how much you want to spruce up your half bath, it’s still important to keep organization in mind, when you’re remodeling this space. Since you’re remodeling, you can try to add extra storage space and make the half bath more organized.

Let’s be real! Nothing beats an organized bathroom and there can never be too much space or storage. The key here is to be smart with your storage and have it hidden. Since you’re already working with a smaller space, it can be tricky to figure out places for organization and storage, but once you do, it’ll be like a pleasant surprise.

Stylish Sinks

One way of making your half bath look gorgeous and unique, is to scout out different styles of sinks that you can install. There are many unique shapes and styles of sinks available and they will add that extra bit of oomph to your half bath and the best part is that they don’t even take that much space.

Wall-mounted sinks, stemless sinks, and bowl-shaped sinks are just some of the options that you can go for and they will all look very edgy and beautiful.

Black-On-Black Theme

This is a very specific theme of remodeling to go for, but it’s going to look so dark and beautiful, that you’ll want it for every single room. Black is a very ethereal and majestic color, with that added hint of mystery, that just looks amazing in any room.

A half bath can be transformed into a black galore and the best part is that it doesn’t look that harsh. You can go for black wallpaper, black bathroom fixtures, etc., and finish it off with bright lights for ample illumination.


Remodeling is the perfect time to change up anything around your house and half baths are no exception. Get ready to wow people with your quirky and stylish half bath, that’ll definitely be a sight of a statement. Hire bathroom remodeling contractors who have the experience and skill to transform your half bath. abbruz