6 Easy Rubber Band Magic Tricks

Magic tricks can be done with anything and everything you have lying around in your own home. You can try your hands on them before moving on to exciting magic props. Here are some cool magic tricks you can do with a rubber band.

The Moving Rubber Band

This trick may seem pretty complex and impossible to do, but it’s just a couple of hand tricks and you are going to leave people with their jaws dropped. For this trick, all you need is a simple rubber band. It can be colored or it can also be a hair tie or elastic.

You just need to make sure that the rubber band or hair tie is elastic enough to hold itself through the trick. The basic gist of this trick is that the rubber band is initially around your pinky and ring finger, but as you stretch it and let it go, it lands on your pointer and middle finger. So, how does this happen?

Before starting the trick, you want to take the rubber band and slide it into your pinky and ring finger and let the rest of it lay on the base of your hand. The back of your hand will be facing the audience. Now, the sneaky thing you will do, is when putting the rubber band on your pinky finger, you will stretch the rubber band to secure it tight between your thumb in a diagonal direction.

Next, you will push your fingers through the stretched rubber band, so that your fingers are just above the rubber band. When you have created a loop, you can let it go and the rubber band will “jump” from one finger to another.

Detangle Two Rubber Bands

This is also a very simple magic trick and it doesn’t require a lot of practice either. All you need for this are two same-colored rubber bands. The same color of rubber bands will look more realistic and cohesive and the trick will be performed smoothly.

You will hold one rubber band in each hand and stretch it between your thumb and pointer finger. While doing this, you will actually tangle them in the form of the letter “X”. The rubber bands are actually tangled and there’s no hidden trick here.

Now, you will just move the rubber bands around, for buying time, in front of your audience. In reality, you will focus on your dominant hand and put the middle finger on top of the pointer finger. This will allow the rubber band to get transferred to the other finger, resting on top. This movement creates a loop and when you let go of the rubber band with a tug, the bands will “magically” unravel and you will have two free rubber bands to work with.

This trick only involves swift movement and in order to become a better magician, you can try to do this trick with your non-dominant hand and that will really impress the audience for sure.

Sliding A Rubber Band Through Your Finger

This trick is also pretty convincing and this will throw the audience in for a loop, literally. You just need one rubber band for this trick. What happens in this trick is that the magician loops a rubber band around their thumb really tightly and then tug on it at the count of three, which frees the thumb from the rubber band.

What happens behind the scenes is that when you’re wrapping the rubber band around the thumb, you’re actually making a loop, by tugging the rubber band towards your thumb and then placing your pointer finger under one part of the rubber band and bringing it back. This will be done with your palms facing downward so that the loop can stay concealed.

Now, when you actually tug on the rubber band, whilst counting to three, you will tug on the sides of the loop to get your thumb free from the rubber band. All it takes is a snap and your thumb and rubber band will be free from each other. Perform this trick is a cool costume from a Halloween costume shop.

The Vanishing Rubber Band Trick

This trick is super easy and there’s no need for special loops and hidden maneuvers. All you need to do for this trick, to make it convincing, is to have a couple of rubber bands on your wrists. The trick starts out with an outstretched rubber band in between your fingers and when you let go of it, the rubber band will disappear.

Now, the preparation for this trick beforehand will be that you will take a rubber band from your wrist and twist it once and conceal it with your palm. Then you will pinch both sides of the rubber band with the thumbs and pointer fingers of both hands. This will look like you have an outstretched rubber band in your hand.

When you let go of the rubber band, the band will slide back onto your wrist, while the audience will be puzzled as to how it disappeared in the first place. It helps if the rubber bands on your wrist are of the same color. It makes the camouflage more convincing.

The Sliding Rubber Band Trick

This trick is also very easy to do and you can become an expert in no time. You will need two rubber bands for this. One will be resting on your wrist, while the other will be covering the four fingers of the same hand. You will place both of your hands, palm side facing towards the audience and with a flick of your hand, the rubber band on the first hand will be transferred to the second hand, surrounding the fingers.

Now, this is where you will need to be sneaky. When you are sliding the rubber band over the first hand, you will make a loop by stretching the rubber band towards your thumb and then securing it tight between the fingers. When you let go, the rubber band will “bounce” to the other hand effortlessly. For practicing, get many rubber bands of the same color from an online store.

The Ring And Rubber Band Trick

Last but not least, this trick will free a ring from the clutches of a rubber band. Sounds dramatic, right? Well, this trick is just as easy as it sounds. You will need a rubber band and a ring. You will tread the rubber band through the ring and hold the two end loops of the rubber band with the pinky finger of each hand.

Then, when you tug on the ring with your dominant hand, it will magically be free. The trick here is to separate the rubber band with the ring finger of the same hand and place your middle finger on top of the band. When you tug on the ring, it will spring back and the rubber band will be secured in your ring finger while the rest of your hand will be in a fist. This trick requires a lot of practice, but you can get there in no time at all.


There you have it! A rubber band is a great tool to use in your magic tricks and you will wow your audience with these fun magic tricks and illusions. For a better impression, buy magic tricks from magic stores.