A Guide To Hosting A Gala Dinner

Whether it’s for fundraising or awareness, a gala is a two-for-one. You can host a beautiful party that has a cause behind it as well. You only have to plan it correctly and hire the right event tent rentals. Here are some top tips on how to host a successful gala dinner.

The Theme Of The Gala

The theme of the gala is the purpose and then you can decorate and build the theme around it. Galas are usually done for awareness, raising funds, and other good causes. For example, if you’re hosting a gala that focuses on mental health issues and raises funds for your local mental health facility, then you can certainly make the theme revolve around this.

There have been many times when people can skip the theme and the gala just isn’t the same without it. You need to get creative and incorporate the cause for hosting the gala with the theme. It’s easy to do so, looks very unique and the people will love the tiny details.

If you’re stumped for ideas, then you can use your best friend, aka the internet, and find inspirations for the gala. There will be a multitude of ideas to choose from and you can find something that’s unique and looks appealing to the eye. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get this gala prep on the road.

The Budget

The next most important thing to figure out for a gala dinner is the budget. The budget is really important because you want to stick to a certain number. Overspending is not a bright idea at all and you need to be mindful of what you’re spending. So, sit down, grab a piece of paper and pen, or your laptop, and make a budget estimate for your gala.

For making a budget, you need to have an idea as to how much each thing costs, so you need to do some research on venues, vendors, décor, and other things before you can estimate a budget.

Access For The Guests

Okay, so you’re making good progress with the gala planning, but have you thought about the tickets and how the guests can enter the gala premises?

Well, tickets are the most obvious way to go and you can also gain some extra funds by letting the guests buy the tickets online and making promotions with it as well. They’re kind of like prom tickets, but fancier. So, do some advertising, like all of the proceeds from the tickets will go to a charity and other things like that. This will also sell a lot of tickets, which means you’re on the right track.

Good Keynote Speakers

If you’re going through the planning phase of hosting a gala dinner, then you possibly can’t forget about the keynote speakers who are going to make speeches at the event. If you’re hosting a gala for breast cancer or its awareness, then you need to invite some doctors who will speak on the cause.

This is not only a way to get more guests to attend your gala, but it’s also something that’s going to lead to a good cause. So, when promoting your gala, make sure that you’re making the keynote speakers the main highlight of the show.

The Venue

You can’t have a gala dinner without a proper venue now, can you? Well, there are a lot of choices that you can go for. There are banquet halls, reception areas, ballrooms, marquees, and even restaurants, where you can host your gala dinner.

The venue needs to be appropriate and formal since this event is anything but casual, so you need to make some effort to ensure that the spirit of the gala shines through every little detail. You can scope out the options and find a venue that looks perfect to you. For the best results, hire corporate tent rentals Rockland NY first and get their suggestions on the best venue for the gala.

Activities Of The Gala

Now comes the actual fundraising part of the gala. This is where a lot of people can fail to be creative, but you don’t want to be in the same boat. Think of doing an auction where the attendees can bid on certain things. It can be luxurious spas, holiday resorts, a plane ticket, etc. It’s your gala so you can get as creative and outgoing as you want.

You can also have a raffle or a treasure hunt where the guests will need to figure out the clues and at the end, they will get prizes. There is not a limit when it comes to fun gala activities.

Get Sponsors

Getting sponsors is a hard task, but if you can get your event to be sponsored by your dream company, then it can help you out with the big costs of the event. Another great thing about sponsors is that your event can get free PR and that’s all the marketing and exposure you need to host a successful event.

Sponsors can be hard to get a hold of, so do your best and come up with the most convincing and creative ways to get them to consider your offer.


Galas are extravagant, so you need to make the invitations accordingly as well. This is where you can let your inner child and artsy self loose and come up with the most elegant and gala-appropriate invitations. The best invitations are handmade ones, that can be rolled up like a scroll or you can even make them gothic or ethereal.

It’s all about getting creative and letting your heart roam free in the realm of creative possibilities. You will surely come up with something that’s going to convince the guests to attend. If the invitation looks good, imagine what the gala will be like.

What’s On The Menu?

No event, whether it’s a gala or any other event, is complete without food. You need to think of an elaborate menu that’s going to entice the taste buds and leave stomachs grumbling with anticipation. Firstly, you’re going to need to serve welcome drinks, which can or cannot be alcoholic. Next, you will need to think about the food setup.

Is a self-service buffet the better option or an ala carte menu? As for food, try to have options in the main course and entrées and of course, you can’t forget about the most important meal of the night, the dessert.

Can’t Forget The Entertainment

A gala doesn’t mean that you have to be prim and proper all the time. Boredom is going to be the death of the guests. So, include fun games and entertainment for the guests to kill off time until the gala begins. There can be adult games, like pool, indoor hockey, etc.

You can also go for stand-up comedy shows, live music, and an art exhibit all under one roof and you can be sure that the guests will have a jolly time, while they’re attending something for a good cause.


A gala dinner sounds like a lot of work, but once you hit the ground running with these tips and work with event party rentals Rockland NY, even the most impossible task will be a piece of cake.